Adjectives starting with D

Adjectives that begin with the letter D are listed in this post.

daily, damaging, damn, damned, damp, dandy, dangerous, danish, dapper, daring, dark, darker, darwinian, dashing, dastardly, data, data-base, daunted, daunting, david, day-by-day, daylong, day-long, daytime, day-to-day, dazed, dazzling

de, dead, dead., dead-end, deadliest, deadly, deadpan, deaf, dear, debatable, debilitating, debt-equity, debt-laden, debt-payment, debt-ridden, debt-servicing, decade-long, decadent, decade-old, decadeslong, decades-old, deceased, decent, decentralized, deceptive, decimal, decisive, declarative, declasse, deco, decomposed, deconstructed, decorative, decrepit, deductible, deep, deeper, deepest, deep-rooted, deep-seated, de-facto, defamatory, defective, defenseless, defense-related, defensible, defensive, deficit-reduction, definite, definitive, deflationary, deformed, defunct, degenerative, degraded, degrading, deleterious, deliberate, delicate, delicious, delightful, delinquent, deliverable, deluxe, demagogic, demeaning, demented, democratic, democratic-controlled, democratic-led, demographic, demoralized, dense, dental, denver-based, dependable, dependent, dependent-care, deplorable, depraved, depressed, depressing, depression-era, deputy, derivative, derogatory, deserving, desirable, desktop, desolate, despairing, desperate, despicable, destitute, destructive, desultory, detachable, detailed, detectable, detrimental, devastating, deviant, devoid, devotional, devout

diabolical, diagnostic, diaper-changing, diaphanous, dictatorial, didactic, diehard, die-hard, diesel, dietary, different, differentiated, difficult, digital, dignified, dilapidated, diligent, dim, diminutive, dimmer, dingy, diplomatic, dippy, dire, direct, directional, direct-mail, directorial, dirtier, dirtiest, dirty, disabled, disadvantaged, disadvantageous, disaffected, disappointing, disapproving, disaster-recovery, disastrous, discernible, disciplinary, disconcerting, discontented, discordant, discreet, discretionary, discriminatory, discursive, disdainful, diseased, disease-fighting, disembodied, disgraceful, disgruntled, disgusting, disheveled, dishonest, dishonorable, disinclined, disingenuous, disinterested, disjointed, disliked, dislocated, disloyal, dismal, dismayed, dismaying, disorderly, disorganized, disparate, dispassionate, disposable, disproportionate, disquieting, disruptive, dissatisfied, dissenting, dissident, dissimilar, distant, distasteful, distinct, distinctive, distinguishable, distinguished, distinguishing, distorted, distraught, distressed, distressing, distributable, disturbing, divergent, diverse, diversified, diversionary, divisional, divisive, dizzying

doable, docile, doctoral, dog-eat-dog, do-it-yourself, dollar-denominated, domed, domestic, dominant, domineering, do-or-die, door-to-door, doping, dormant, double, double-breasted, double-decker, double-digit, double-edged, double-glazed, doubtful, dour, dovish, dowdy, downbeat, download, downstream, down-to-earth, downtown, downward

drab, draconian, dramatic, drastic, drawn-out, dread, dreaded, dreadful, dreamy, dreary, drinking, drive-through, drone, drop-in, drought-stricken, drug-dealing, drug-fighting, drug-free, drug-related, drug-smuggling, drunk, drunken, dry

dual, dubious, duc, due, dull, dumb, dumber, dumbest, dumbfounded, dummy, durable, durn, dusty, dutch, dutch-descended, dutiful, duty-free

dyed-in-the-wool, dynamic

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