Adjectives starting with L

Adjectives that begin with the letter L are listed in this post.

labored, labor-intensive, labor-management, labour, lackluster, laden, laggard, laid-back, laid-off, lame, lame-duck, landlocked, landlord-tenant, landmark, languid, languorous, lanky, laotian, lapsed, large, large-capitalization, large-city, larger, large-scale, largest, large-volume, last, last-ditch, last-gasp, lasting, last-minute, last-second, late, late-afternoon, late-night, later, lateral, latest, late-summer, latin, latino, latter, latter-day, latvian, laudable, lavender, laverne, lavish, law-abiding, law-enforcement, lawful, lawless, lawmaking, lawyer-client, lax, lazy

lead, leaded, leafy, leaky, lean, leaner, least, leather-wrapped, lebanese, lecherous, leery, left-field, left-handed, leftist, left-leaning, left-of-center, leftover, left-right, left-wing, legal, legalistic, legendary, legislative, legitimate, leisurely, lemon-lime, lengthy, lenient, less, lesser, lesser-known, less-experienced, less-risky, less-sweeping, lethal, lethargic, level-headed, leveraged, lewd, lewinsky

liable, liberal, liberated, liberating, liberian, libertarian, libyan, licensed, life-changing, lifeless, lifelong, life-long, life-saving, life-threatening, life-time, light, lighter, lighthearted, lightning-quick, light-rail, light-truck, light-wave, lightweight, likable, like, likelier, likely, like-minded, lilting, limited, limited-apology, limitless, limp, limpid, linear, linguistic, liquid, listed, listless, literal, literary, literate, litigious, little, little-known, little-noted, little-noticed, live, live-in, livelier, liveliest, lively, livid

loath, loathsome, local, localized, lofty, logical, logistical, london-based, lone, lonely, lonesome, long, long-awaited, long-cherished, long-deferred, long-delayed, long-distance, long-dominant, long-dormant, longer, longer-range, longer-term, longest, long-established, long-haul, long-held, long-life, long-overdue, long-range, long-running, long-serving, long-simmering, long-sought, longstanding, long-standing, long-suffering, longterm, long-term, longtime, long-time, long-troubled, lookalike, look-alike, loony, loopy, loose, loose-leaf, looser, lopsided, loquacious, lost, loud, louder, loudest, louis-based, lousy, loutish, lovable, loveliest, lovely, loving, low, low-budget, low-cost, low-density, low-end, lower, lower-cost, lower-court, lower-income, lower-level, lower-middle-class, lower-priced, lower-than-expected, lowest, lowest-cost, low-fat, low-grade, low-income, low-interest, low-key, low-level, low-life, lowly, low-lying, low-margin, low-paid, low-paying, low-power, low-price, low-priced, low-profile, low-rated, low-slung, low-stress, low-sugar, low-wage, loyal


lucid, luckier, luckiest, lucky, lucrative, ludicrous, lukewarm, lumbering, luminous, lump-sum, lumpy, lunar, lurid, luscious, lush, luxurious

lynch-mob, lyrical

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