Adjectives that end in H

Adjectives ending with the letter H are listed in this post.

amateurish, anti-growth, awash

bearish, biotech, bluish, boyish, brackish, brash, british, brutish, bullish

cartoonish, childish, copper-rich, czech

danish, dovish, down-to-earth, drive-through, dutch

eighth, eight-month, eleventh, english, enough

feverish, fifth, finnish, five-month, flemish, flush, follow-through, foolish, four-inch, four-month, fourth, freakish, french, fresh, full-length

get-tough, ghoulish, girlish

half-inch, hang-tough, harsh, hawkish, high, high-growth, high-tech, hi-tech, hundredth, hush

in-depth, irish



last-ditch, lavish, loath, loutish, lush

mammoth, much

nightmarish, nine-month, ninth, no-growth, non-jewish, north, north-south

once-rich, one-branch, one-fifth, one-month, one-paragraph, one-tenth, ostrich, outlandish

partial-birth, pass-through, plush, polish, posh, pro-growth, puckish


reddish, rich, rough

scottish, see-through, selfish, seven-month, seventh, sheepish, six-month, sixth, skittish, sky-high, sluggish, smooth, snobbish, south, spanish, squeamish, staunch, stylish, such, super-rich, swedish, swoosh

tenth, thorough, three-month, ticklish, topnotch, tough, turkish, two-month

umpteenth, uncouth

welsh, whitish, worth

yiddish, youngish

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