Adjectives starting with P

Adjectives that begin with the letter P are listed in this post.

pacific, padded, paid-in, paid-up, pained, painful, painless, painstaking, pakistani, palatable, palatial, pale, palestinian, palliative, palpable, paltry, pan-american, pan-european, panicked, panicky, panic-stricken, panoramic, panting, papal, paper-manufacturing, par, paradoxical, parallel, paralyzing, paramilitary, paramount, paranoid, parasitic, parched, pared-down, parental, paris-based, parisian, parliamentary, parochial, partial, partial-birth, participatory, particular, particulate, partisan, part-time, passable, passe, passenger, passionate, passive, pass-through, past, pastoral, patchwork, paternal, paternalist, paternalistic, pathetic, pathological, patient, patriotic, patronizing, payable, pay-per-view

peaceable, peaceful, pea-green, pear-shaped, pecking, peculiar, pedestrian, pediatric, peeling, peerless, pelvic, penal, penalty-free, penny-pinching, pent-up, peppy, per-capita, percussive, perennial, perfect, perfidious, perforated, performer, perfumed, perilous, periodic, peripheral, perishable, perk, perky, permanent, permissible, pernicious, perpetual, perplexed, perplexing, pershare, per-share, persistent, personal, personal-injury, person-to-person, persuasive, pertinent, perturbed, peruvian, pervasive, perverse, pessimistic, pet, petite, petrified, petty, petulant

phantom, pharmaceutical, phenomenal, philadelphia-based, philanthropic, philippine, philosophical, phony, photogenic, photographic, physical, physiological

picky, pictorial, picturesque, piercing, pilgrims, pilot, pink, pinpointed, pioneering, pious, piquant, pithy, pittsburgh-based, pivotal

placid, plaid, plain, plainclothes, plaintive, planetary, planned, plastic, plastic-bodied, platter, plausible, play-by-play, playful, play-making, plea-bargain, pleasant, pleased, pleasing, pleasurable, pleated, plenary, plentiful, plenty, plucky, plug-in, plump, pluralistic, plush

poetic, poignant, pointless, point-of-sale, poisonous, polar, police-community, policymaking, policy-making, policy-setting, polish, polished, polite, politic, political, polluted, ponderous, pony-tailed, poor, poorer, poorest, poor-quality, popular, populist, populous, pork-barrel, pornographic, porous, portable, portentous, portuguese, posh, positional, positive, possible, post, postal, post-game, post-modern, post-trial, postwar, post-war, post-watergate, potent, potential, potted, powdered, powerful, power-hungry, powerless, power-play, power-sharing

practicable, practical, pragmatic, praiseworthy, precarious, precautionary, precious, precipitous, precise, precocious, predatory, predawn, pre-dawn, predictable, predictive, predominant, pre-eminent, pre-employment, preemptive, pre-emptive, pre-existing, prefectural, preferable, preferential, preferred, preflight, pre-game, pregnant, prejudicial, preliminary, premature, premeditated, pre-merger, premier, premium, prenatal, preoccupied, prepaid, preparatory, prepared, preposterous, preppy, pre-recorded, preschool, prescient, prescriptive, pre-season, pre-selected, present, present-day, pre-sentencing, pre-set, presidential, press-and-run, press-happy, pressured, pressure-filled, prestigious, presumptuous, pretax, pre-tax, pretend, pretentious, pretrial, pre-trial, prettier, pretty, prevalent, preventable, preventative, preventive, previous, prewar, price-earnings, priceless, pricey, pricier, priciest, prickly, prim, primary, prime, prime-time, primitive, princely, principal, principled, printed, prior, pristine, private, private-label, private-sector, privileged, privy, prize-winning, pro-abortion, pro-active, probable, problematic, problem-solving, pro-business, procedural, pro-choice, pro-democracy, prodigious, production-sharing, productive, product-liability, profane, professed, professing, professional, professorial, proficient, profitable, profit-making, profit-taking, profligate, profound, programmable, progressive, pro-growth, prohibitive, pro-independence, pro-iranian, proletarian, pro-life, prolific, prolonged, prominent, promiscuous, promised, promising, promissory, promotional, prompt, prone, proper, property-tax, prophetic, propitious, proportional, proprietary, propulsive, pro-reform, prosaic, prosecutorial, prospective, prosperous, prostrate, protectionist, protective, protein-making, protestant, prototypical, protracted, proud, proudest, proved, proven, proverbial, provincial, provisional, provocative, proxy, prudent, prudential, prying

psychiatric, psychic, psychoanalytic, psychological, psychotic

public, public-housing, public-opinion, public-relations, public-school, public-service, public-transit, public-works, puckish, puerto, pugnacious, punchy, pungent, punishable, punitive, puny, pure, purest, puritanical, purple, purported, purposeful, pushy, putative, puzzling


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