Adjectives starting with H

Adjectives that begin with the letter H are listed in this post.

habitual, hacking, haggard, hair-raising, hairsplitting, hairy, haitian, half-acre, half-baked, half-completed, half-dozen, half-empty, half-full, half-hearted, half-hour, half-inch, half-million, half-point, half-staff, half-way, half-year, hallowed, hallucinatory, hamstrung, hand-carved, handheld, hand-held, handicapped, handmade, hand-picked, hands-off, handsome, hands-on, handwritten, hand-written, handy, hang-tough, hanoi-backed, haphazard, hapless, happening, happier, happiest, happy, hard, hard-boiled, hard-charging, hardcore, hard-core, hard-drinking, hard-edged, harder, hardest, hardest-hit, hard-fought, hard-hit, hard-hitting, hardline, hard-line, hard-nosed, hard-partying, hard-pressed, hardscrabble, hardworking, hard-working, hardy, harmful, harmless, harmonic, harmonious, harrowing, harsh, harsher, harshest, hasidic, hasty, hateful, haughty, have, hawaiian, hawkish, hazardous, hazy

head-butting, head-to-head, heady, health-care, health-conscious, healthier, healthiest, health-oriented, healthy, healthy-looking, heartening, heartfelt, heartless, heart-rending, hearty, heated, heavier, heaviest, heavy, heavy-duty, heavy-handed, heavyweight, hectic, hedge, heftier, hefty, hegemonic, heinous, hell-bent, helmeted, helpful, helpless, help-wanted, herbal, hereditary, heretical, heroic, hers, hesitant

hicks, hidden, hideous, high, high-altitude, high-art, highbrow, high-capacity, high-class, high-cost, high-crime, high-definition, high-end, high-energy, higher, higher-education, higher-income, higher-level, higher-priced, higher-ranking, highest, highest-ranking, highest-rated, highest-yielding, high-export, high-flying, high-growth, high-handed, high-income, high-interest, high-level, highly-regarded, high-minded, high-octane, high-paying, high-performance, high-performing, high-pitched, high-powered, high-pressure, high-priced, high-profile, high-profit, high-protein, high-quality, high-ranking, high-resolution, high-rise, high-risk, high-security, high-speed, high-stakes, high-tech, high-toned, high-value, high-visibility, high-volume, high-water, high-wire, high-yield, high-yielding, hilarious, hilly, himalayan, hipper, hispanic, historic, historical, history-making, hit, hit-and-run, hi-tech

hoarse, ho-hum, hokey, holiest, holistic, hollow, holy, homebound, home-grown, homeless, home-run, homesick, homespun, home-video, homogeneous, homogenous, homophobic, honduran, honest, honorable, honorary, hoped-for, hopeful, hopeless, horizontal, hormonal, horrendous, horrible, horrific, horrifying, horseback, hospitable, hostile, hot, hot-air, hotter, hottest, hottest-selling, hourlong, hour-long, hourly, houston-based

huge, hulking, human, humane, humanitarian, human-rights, humble, humbling, humid, humiliated, humiliating, humorless, humorous, hundredth, hundt, hungarian, hungarian-born, hungry, hunky-dory, hurried, husband-and-wife, hush, husky

hybrid, hydraulic, hydroelectric, hyper, hyperactive, hypnotic, hypocritical, hypothetical, hysterical

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