Adjectives starting with A

Adjectives that begin with the letter A are listed in this post.

abashed, abbey, abdominal, abject, ablaze, able, able-bodied, abnormal, abominable, aboriginal, aborted, abortive, above, above-average, above-market, abrasive, abrupt, absent, absentee, absolute, absorbent, abstract, absurd, abundant, abusive, abuzz, abysmal

academic, acceptable, accepted, accessible, accessory, accidental, acclaimed, accountable, accurate, accused, achievable, acid, acoustic, acquisitive, acrimonious, across-the-board, action-adventure, active, activist, actual, actuarial, acute

adamant, adaptable, addictive, additional, addled, add-on, adept, adequate, adhesive, adjacent, adjoining, adjunct, adjustable, adjustable-rate, administrative, admirable, admissible, adorable, adroit, adult, advanced-technology, advantageous, adventuresome, adventurous, adversarial, adverse, advisable, advisory

aerial, aerobic, aerodynamic, aeronautical, aesthetic

affable, affectionate, affirmative, affluent, affordable, afghan, aforementioned, afraid, african, afrikaner, aft, after-dinner, after-hours, after-school, after-tax

aggregate, aggressive, aghast, agonizing, agrarian, agreeable, agreed-on, agricultural, agricultural-products, agro-industry

aids-related, aimless, airborne, air-conditioned, air-to-air, airy


alarmed, alarming, alarmist, alaskan, al-bakr, alcoholic, alcohol-related, alert, algebraic, algerian, alien, alive, all-american, all-around, all-black, all-consuming, all-day, alleged, allegorical, allergic, all-important, all-new, all-news, all-night, all-out, allowable, all-powerful, all-purpose, all-round, all-star, all-stock, all-time, alluring, all-white, alma, aloof, alpha, alternate, alternative

amateur, amateurish, amazed, amazing, ambiguous, ambitious, ambivalent, amenable, american, american-built, american-made, american-style, amiable, amicable, amino, amiss, amniotic, amoeba-shaped, ample, amsterdam, amusement, amusing, amust-see

anachronistic, analogous, analytical, anatomical, ancestral, ancient, ancillary, andean, anecdotal, anemic, anesthetized, angeles-based, anglican, anglo-american, anglo-saxon, angolan, angry, anguished, animated, annoyed, annoying, annual, anomalous, anonymous, answerable, antagonistic, antebellum, anthropological, anti-abortion, anti-aircraft, anti-american, anti-apartheid, anti-cancer, anti-castro, anti-catholic, anticipatory, anti-communist, anti-crime, antidemocratic, anti-depressant, anti-discrimination, anti-drug, anti-dumping, anti-foreign, anti-fraud, anti-government, anti-growth, anti-japanese, anti-lock, anti-nuclear, antiquated, antique, antiqued, anti-rejection, anti-semitic, anti-smoking, antisocial, anti-social, anti-soviet, anti-takeover, anti-tax, anti-terrorism, antithetical, antitrust, anti-trust, anti-virus, antiwar, anxious, anytactical

apart, apathetic, apiece


apocalyptic, apologetic, appalling, apparent, appellate, appetizing, applicable, appreciative, apprehensive, appropriate, approximate, approximately, apt


arab, arab-israeli, arabist, arbitrary, arcane, archaeological, archaic, arched, architectural, archival, arch-rival, arctic, ardent, arduous, aretail, argentine, argentinian, arid, aristocratic, ark, armchair, armed, armenian, armored, arms-control, around-the-clock, around-the-world, arrogant, arterial, artful, arthritic, arthroscopic, artificial, artistic, artless

asean, asecondary, ashamed, asia, asia/pacific, asian, asian-american, aspiring, assertive, assimilated, assistant, associate, assorted, astonishing, astounded, astounding, astronomical, astute

atheist, athletic, atlanta-based, atlantic, at-large, atmospheric, atomic, atrocious, attendant, attentive, attorney-client, attractive, attributable, attuned, atypical

audacious, audible, audio, audio-visual, august, auspicious, austere, australasian, australian, australian-based, austrian, austro-hungarian, authentic, authoritarian, authoritative, authorized, autobiographical, autocratic, automatic, automotive, autonomous, auto-parts, autumnal, auxiliary

available, avant-garde, average, averse, avian, avid, avoid, avoidable, avuncular

awake, award-winning, aware, awash, awed, awesome, awful, awkward

aztec, azure

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