Adjectives starting with V

Adjectives that begin with the letter V are listed in this post.

vacant, vague, vaguest, vain, valiant, valid, valuable, value-added, variable, various, vast, vaunted

veggie, vehement, vehicular, venerable, venereal, venetian, venezuelan, venturesome, verbal, veritable, versatile, vertical, very, vested, veteran, veterinary, vexed, vexing

viable, vibrant, vicious, victorian, victorious, video, video-rental, vietnamese, vigorous, vintage, violent, viral, virgin, virile, virtual, virtually, virtuoso, virulent, visible, visionary, visual, vital, vitriolic, vittorio, vivid

vocal, vocational, vociferous, voice-activated, voice-over, volatile, volcanic, voluminous, voluntary, voluptuous, voracious, voting, votive

vulgar, vulnerable

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