Adjectives starting with S

Adjectives that begin with the letter S are listed in this post.

sacred, sacrosanct, sad, saddened, sadder, sadistic, safe, safer, safest, saintly, salacious, salaried, sales, salutary, same, same-day, same-store, sandy, sanguine, sanitary, sappy, sarcastic, sardonic, sassy, satanic, satiric, satirical, satisfactory, saturated, saudi, savvier, savviest, savvy, sawn

scaled-down, scandalous, scant, scarce, scarcer, scared, scarlet, scarred, scary, scathing, scattershot, scenic, scented, schematic, schizophrenic, scholarly, school-age, school-based, scientific, sci-fi, scorched, scottish, scrappy, screening-level, scrub, sculptural

seamy, search-and-seizure, searing, seaside, seasonal, seasoned, season-opening, second, secondary, second-biggest, second-by-second, second-degree, second-floor, second-half, secondhand, second-hand, second-highest, second-largest, second-leading, second-level, second-place, second-round, second-stage, second-story, second-tier, second-worst, second-year, secret, secretarial, secretary-general, secretive, sectarian, secular, secure, sedate, seductive, seedy, seeming, see-through, segmented, segregated, seismic, select, selected, selective, self-absorbed, self-appointed, self-assured, self-confessed, self-confident, self-congratulatory, self-conscious, self-contained, self-correcting, self-declared, self-deprecating, self-described, self-destructive, self-employed, self-fulfilling, self-governing, self-imposed, self-indulgent, self-inflicted, selfish, self-policing, self-proclaimed, self-regulatory, self-reliant, self-respecting, self-righteous, self-serving, self-starting, self-styled, self-sufficient, self-supporting, self-taught, semiannual, semi-annual, semi-automatic, semiliterate, seminal, semi-private, semi-public, senatorial, senior, sensational, senseless, sensible, sensitive, sensory, sensual, sensuous, sentimental, separate, separatist, septic, sequined, serene, serial, serious, serviceable, seven-course, seven-day, seven-digit, seven-eighths, seven-figure, seven-member, seven-month, seven-point, seven-story, seventh, seventh-consecutive, seven-year, several, severe, severest

shabby, shaded, shadier, shadowy, shady, shaggy, shaken, shakespearean, shaky, shallow, shapely, sharp, sharper, sharpest, sharp-faced, sheared, sheepish, sheer, shellshocked, shifty, shimmering, shiny, shipboard, shirtless, shocked, shocking, shoddy, short, shorter, shorter-term, shortest, shorthanded, short-lived, short-run, shortsighted, short-staffed, short-term, shredded, shrewd, shrewder, shrill, shrunken, shuttered, shy

siberian, sick, sickened, sickening, sickle, sickly, side, signatory, significant, sikh, silent, silky, silly, silver, silver-haired, silvery, similar, similiar, simple, simpler, simplest, simplified, simplistic, simulated, simultaneous, sincere, single, single-country, single-day, single-digit, single-elimination, single-handed, single-level, single-minded, single-parent, single-party, singular, sinister, sinus, siren, sister, sit-in, six-day, six-figure, six-foot, six-game, six-hour, six-lane, six-month, six-story, sixth, sixth-largest, six-time, six-week, six-year, six-year-old, sizable, sizzling

skeptical, sketchy, skilled, skillful, skim, skimpy, skin-care, skinny, skittish, sky-high

slack, slanted, slavic, sleazy, sleek, sleepy, slender, slick, slight, slighted, slightest, slim, slimmed-down, slimmer, slimy, slinky, slippery, sloping, sloppy, slovenian, slow, slower, slowest, slow-moving, slow-news, slow-selling, sluggish, sluiced, sly

small, small-arms, small-cap, small-company, smaller, smaller-than-expected, smallest, small-scale, small-time, small-town, smarmy, smart, smarter, smartest, smashing, smelly, smoke-filled, smokeless, smoky, smooth, smoother, smug

snappy, sneaky, snobbish, snooty, snowy, snug

sober, sobering, sobersided, so-called, social, socialist, socialistic, social-services, social-welfare, societal, socioeconomic, sociological, soft, softer, soft-serve, soft-spoken, soggy, soiled, solar, sold-out, sole, solemn, solicitous, solid, solidarity-led, solitary, solomonic, soluble, solvent, somali, somatic, somber, sonic, sonny, soon-to-be, soothsayers, sophisticated, sophomoric, sore, sorrier, sorrowful, sorry, soulful, sound, souped-up, soup-to-nuts, sour, south, south-central, southeast, southeastern, southern, southwest, southwestern, sovereign, soviet, soviet-bloc

spacious, spanish, spanish-language, spanish-speaking, spanking, spare, sparing, sparkling, sparse, special, special-interest, specialized, special-purpose, specific, spectacular, speculative, speeded-up, speedier, speedy, spicy, spiffy, spiked, spike-haired, spinal, spirited, spiritual, splashy, splendid, splinter, splintered, split-brain, split-level, spontaneous, sporadic, sports-related, sport-utility, sporty, spotless, spotty, spousal, sprightly, spurious, spur-of-the-moment, sputtering

squalid, square, square-foot, squashed, squat, squeaky, squeamish

stable, staggered, staggering, stagnant, staid, stainless, stainless-steel, stale, stalinist, stalwart, stand-alone, standard, standardized, standby, stand-by, stand-off, standstill, stand-still, standup, stand-up, star, stark, starry-eyed, star-spangled, startling, start-up, state-controlled, state-directed, state-funded, stateless, stately, state-of-the-art, state-owned, state-run, state-subsidized, state-supported, statewide, static, stationary, statistical, statutory, staunch, staunchest, stay-at-home, steadfast, steadier, steady, steadying, stealthy, steamier, steel-framed, steely, steep, steeper, steepest, stellar, stentorian, step-by-step, stepped-up, stereotyped, stereotypical, sterile, stern, steroid, stewed, stickier, sticky, stiff, stiffer, stiffest, still, stimulative, stingier, stinging, stingy, stock-ownership, stock-picking, stock-price, stock-related, stocky, stodgy, stolid, stomach-churning, stop-action, stop-motion, stop-work, store-brand, storm-damaged, stormy, straight, straighter, straightforward, straight-talking, strait-laced, strange, strapping, strategic, stratospheric, stray, streamlined, strenuous, stressed-out, stressful, stress-related, strict, stricter, strictest, strident, striking, stringent, striped, stripped-down, strong, strong-arm, stronger, stronger-than-expected, strongest, strong-willed, structural, stubborn, stubby, studious, stuffy, stultifying, stumbling, stunned, stunning, stupid, stupidest, sturdy, stygian, stylish, stylistic

subject, subjective, sublime, subliminal, subordinate, subordinated, subpar, sub-saharan, subsequent, subservient, subsidary, subsidized, substandard, substantial, substantiated, substantive, subterranean, subtle, subtler, suburban, subversive, subzero, successful, successive, succulent, such, sudden, sufficient, suffocating, sugary, suggestive, suitable, sumptuous, sun-drenched, sundry, sunken, sunnier, sunny, super, superb, supercharged, superefficient, superfast, superficial, superfluous, superinclusive, superior, supernatural, super-rich, supervised, supervisory, supple, supplemental, supply-side, supportive, sure, sure-fire, surest, surface, surface-to-air, surgical, surplus, surprise, surprised, surprising, surreal, surrogate, survivable, susceptible, suspect, suspicious, sustainable

svelte, svelte-looking

swank, swashbuckling, sweaty, swedish, sweeping, sweet, sweetest, sweet-natured, swift, swiftest, swiss, swiss-based, swollen, swoosh

symbolic, symmetrical, sympathetic, symptomatic, synchronous, synonymous, synthetic, syrian, syrian-backed, systematic, systemic, systemwide

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