Adjectives starting with G

Adjectives that begin with the letter G are listed in this post.

gaelic, gala, gale, gallant, galling, galloping, galvanized, game-winning, gaping, gargantuan, garnering, gaseous, gas-guzzling, gasoline-powered, gastrointestinal, gas-turbine, gaudy, gay

general, general-interest, generalized, general-purpose, generational, generic, generous, genetic, geneva-based, genial, genital, genteel, gentle, gentlemanly, gentler, genuine, geographic, geographical, geological, geometric, geometrical, georgian, geothermal, german, german-born, german-made, germany, germany-based, germinated, gestational, get-me-re-elected, get-out-the-vote, get-tough

ghastly, ghostly, ghoulish

giant, giddy, gifted, gigantic, gilded, girlish, give-away

glacial, glad, glamorous, glaring, glassy, gleeful, glib, glitzy, global, globalized, global-warming, gloomy, glorious, gloriously, glossy, glowering, glowing, glp-1, glum

go-go, gold, golden, gold-leaf, gold-mining, good, good-humored, good-looking, good-natured, goofy, gop, gorgeous, gory, gossipy, governed, governmental, government-appointed, government-assisted, government-backed, government-controlled, government-funded, government-held, government-imposed, government-nurtured, government-ordered, government-owned, government-run, government-sanctioned, government-sponsored, government-subsidized

graceful, gracious, gradual, grained, grainy, grand, grander, grandest, grandiose, granular, graphic, graphical, grass-roots, grassy, grateful, gratified, gratifying, gratuitous, grave, gravest, gravitational, gray, gray-haired, greasy, great, greater, greatest, greedy, greek, green, gregarious, grey, grievous, grilled, grim, grimy, gripping, grisly, gritty, grizzled, gross, grotesque, ground-floor, groundless, grown-up, growth-and-income, grubby, grudging, grueling, gruesome, gruff

guatemalan, gubernatorial, guilty, gullible, gun-carrying, gun-shy, gurion, gutsy, gut-wrenching


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