Adjectives that end in N

Adjectives ending with the letter N are listed in this post.

add-on, afghan, african, agrarian, agreed-on, akin, alaskan, algerian, alien, all-american, american, andean, anglican, anglo-american, anglo-saxon, angolan, anti-abortion, anti-american, anti-discrimination, anti-foreign, anti-rejection, argentinian, armenian, asean, asian, asian-american, australasian, australian, austrian, austro-hungarian, authoritarian, avian

bahamian, barren, bavarian, bedridden, beholden, belgian, benign, best-known, better-known, bipartisan, blue-ribbon, bolivian, born-again, brazilian, breakeven, break-even, brechtian, british-born, broken-down, brown, built-in, bulgarian, button-down, buttoned-down

caesarean, call-in, cambodian, canadian, caribbean, certain, chauffeur-driven, chilean, christian, civilian, class-action, clean, clinton, colombian, common, con, confucian, consumer-driven, cosmopolitan, crime-ridden, crimson, cuban

damn, darwinian, deadpan, debt-laden, debt-ridden, deficit-reduction, downtown, draconian, drop-in, drought-stricken, drunken, durn

eastern, egalitarian, egyptian, elizabethan, equestrian, estonian, ethiopian, european, even, export-driven

fallen, fenced-in, fermentation, first-run, first-section, foreign, forlorn, four-man, four-nation, fourth-generation, freudian, full-blown, fun

gargantuan, georgian, german, german-born, golden, government-run, green, guatemalan, gurion

haitian, half-dozen, half-million, hands-on, handwritten, hand-written, hawaiian, hidden, high-definition, higher-education, high-protein, high-resolution, himalayan, hit-and-run, home-grown, home-run, homespun, honduran, human, humanitarian, hungarian, hungarian-born

ill-gotten, indian, indonesian, inhuman, iranian, israeli-born, italian, italian-american

jamaican, japanese-american, jordanian

keen, kenyan, korean, korean-american

laden, laotian, large-capitalization, late-afternoon, latin, latvian, lean, lesser-known, liberian, libertarian, libyan, little-known, live-in, low-margin

maiden, main, malaysian, mammalian, marathon, market-driven, martian, maudlin, mayan, mean, median, metropolitan, mexican, mid-afternoon, midtown, midwestern, misbegotten, modern, multibillion, multimillion, multi-million

namibian, newborn, nicaraguan, non-indian, nonpartisan, non-prescription, nonunion, northeastern, northern, northwestern, norwegian, no-win

off-again, on-again, one-man, one-woman, open, orphan, out-of-town, outspoken, ovarian, overblown, own

paid-in, palestinian, pan-american, pan-european, panic-stricken, pared-down, parisian, partisan, pea-green, pedestrian, person-to-person, peruvian, plain, plea-bargain, plug-in, post-modern, predawn, pre-dawn, pre-season, press-and-run, pro-abortion, pro-iranian, proletarian, proven, public-opinion

razor-thin, redrawn, regular-season, reptilian, republican, revitalization, roman, rotten, rough-hewn, run-down, russian

sawn, scaled-down, sectarian, shaken, shakespearean, short-run, shrunken, siberian, single-elimination, siren, sit-in, slimmed-down, slovenian, small-town, soft-spoken, solemn, southeastern, southern, southwestern, sovereign, split-brain, state-run, stentorian, stern, stop-action, stop-motion, stripped-down, stubborn, stygian, sub-saharan, subterranean, suburban, sudden, sunken, swollen, syrian

taiwan-born, teen, thai-cambodian, thin, third-generation, three-button, three-man, three-ton, tibetan, token, toned-down, totalitarian, tumbledown, twin, two-button, two-run

ukrainian, unborn, unbroken, uncertain, unclean, uncommon, uneven, unforeseen, unitarian, unknown, unproven, unseen, unwritten, up-or-down, urban, utilitarian, utopian

vain, venetian, venezuelan, veteran, victorian, virgin

wagnerian, walk-in, war-torn, washington, watered-down, well-known, well-run, western, williamson, wind-driven, wooden, wrought-iron

zairean, zero-coupon, zimbabwean

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