Adjectives that end in C

Adjectives ending with the letter C are listed in this post.

academic, acoustic, aerobic, aerodynamic, aesthetic, alcoholic, algebraic, allergic, amniotic, anachronistic, anemic, antagonistic, anti-catholic, antidemocratic, anti-semitic, apathetic, apocalyptic, apologetic, aquatic, archaic, arctic, aristocratic, arthritic, arthroscopic, artistic, asia/pacific, athletic, atlantic, atmospheric, atomic, authentic, autocratic, automatic, aztec

balletic, ballistic, baltic, basic, beatific, bucolic, bureaucratic

capitalistic, cardiac, cataclysmic, catalytic, catastrophic, catholic, ceramic, chaotic, characteristic, charismatic, chauvinistic, chic, chronic, cinematic, civic, classic, claustrophobic, comedic, comic, cosmetic, cosmic, cryptic, cubic, cystic

demagogic, democratic, demographic, diagnostic, didactic, diplomatic, domestic, dramatic, drastic, dynamic

eccentric, eclectic, econometric, economic, ecstatic, elastic, electric, electronic, emblematic, empathetic, emphatic, encyclopedic, endemic, energetic, enigmatic, enthusiastic, erotic, erratic, esoteric, ethnic, euphoric, exotic

fanatic, fantastic, fiber-optic, forensic, formulaic, frantic, frenetic, futuristic

gaelic, generic, genetic, geographic, geometric, gigantic, graphic, gymnastic

harmonic, hasidic, hectic, hegemonic, heroic, hispanic, historic, holistic, homophobic, horrific, hydraulic, hydroelectric, hypnotic

iconoclastic, idealistic, idiomatic, idiosyncratic, idiotic, intrinsic, ironic


legalistic, lethargic, linguistic

macroeconomic, magic, magnetic, majestic, manic, materialistic, melodic, metallic, meteoric, metric, microscopic, mid-atlantic, mimetic, monochromatic, monolithic, monopolistic, moralistic, mythic

nationalistic, naturalistic, near-panic, neurotic, nomadic, non-alcoholic, non-hispanic, nordic, nostalgic, novelistic

oceanographic, olympic, operatic, opportunistic, optic, optimistic, organic

pacific, panoramic, parasitic, paternalistic, pathetic, patriotic, pediatric, pelvic, periodic, pessimistic, philanthropic, photogenic, photographic, plastic, pluralistic, poetic, politic, pornographic, pragmatic, problematic, prolific, prophetic, prosaic, psychiatric, psychic, psychoanalytic, psychotic, public

quasi-public, quixotic

realistic, rhythmic, robotic, romantic, rustic

sadistic, sarcastic, sardonic, satanic, satiric, scenic, schematic, schizophrenic, scientific, seismic, semi-automatic, semi-public, septic, simplistic, slavic, socialistic, socioeconomic, solomonic, somatic, sonic, sophomoric, soviet-bloc, specific, sporadic, static, strategic, stratospheric, stylistic, symbolic, sympathetic, symptomatic, synthetic, systematic, systemic

terrific, thematic, therapeutic, toxic, tragic, trans-atlantic, trans-pacific, traumatic, triple-c

ultrasonic, unapologetic, uncharacteristic, undemocratic, unenthusiastic, unheroic, unrealistic, unscientific, unsympathetic

vitriolic, volcanic



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