Adjectives starting with F

Adjectives that begin with the letter F are listed in this post.

fabled, fabulous, face-saving, facetious, face-to-face, facial, fact-finding, factual, faint, faintest, fair, fairer, fairy, faithful, fake, fallacious, fallen, fallible, fallow, false, famed, familiar, family-oriented, family-owned, family-planning, famous, fanatic, fanatical, fancier, fanciful, fancy, fantastic, far, faraway, far-fetched, far-flung, far-left, farmed, far-reaching, far-right, farthest, fascinating, fascist, fashionable, fashion-conscious, fast, fast-acting, fast-approaching, faster, fastest, fastest-growing, fast-flowing, fast-forward, fast-growing, fastidious, fasting, fast-living, fast-moving, fast-paced, fast-rising, fast-track, fat, fatal, fateful, fatter, faultless, faulty, faux, favorable, favorite

feared, fearful, fearless, fearsome, feasible, feathery, featureless, fecal, fecund, federal, federal-court, federalism, feeble, fee-for-service, feel-good, feistier, feisty, feline, fellow, female, feminine, feminist, fenced-in, fermentation, ferocious, fertile, fervent, fest, festive, fetal, feudal, feverish, few, fewer, fewest

fiber-optic, fickle, fictional, fictitious, fide, fiduciary, fierce, fiercer, fiercest, fiery, fifth, fifth-highest, fifth-largest, fifty-two, figurative, filigree, filthy, final, financial, fine, finer, finest, fine-tuned, finite, finnish, fire-control, firecrackers, firm, firmer, first, first-class, first-degree, first-ever, first-floor, first-half, first-hand, first-quarter, first-rate, first-round, first-run, first-section, first-time, first-timers, first-year, fiscal, fit, fitful, fittest, fitting, five-block, five-day, fivefold, five-game, five-hour, five-member, five-minute, five-month, five-month-old, five-point, five-speed, five-star, five-story, five-week, five-year, five-year-old, fixed, fixed-rate

flabbergasted, flagging, flagrant, flaky, flamboyant, flammable, flashy, flat, flat-footed, flat-out, flat-panel, flattering, flavorful, flawed, flawless, fledgling, fleeting, flemish, flexible, flex-time, flimsy, flip, flippant, flirtatious, floppy, floral, fluent, fluffy, fluid, flu-like, flush, fly-by-night

focal, foggy, folksy, follow-through, followup, follow-up, fond, fondest, food-safety, foolhardy, foolish, footloose, forceful, foregone, foreign, foreign-based, foreign-exchange, foreign-owned, foremost, forensic, foreseeable, forgettable, forlorn, formal, former, formidable, formulaic, for-profit, forthcoming, forthright, fortified, fortress-like, fortunate, forty-one, forward, forward-looking, fossil, foster, foul, foul-mouthed, four-cylinder, four-day, four-door, four-game, four-hour, four-inch, four-man, four-member, four-month, four-month-old, four-nation, four-page, four-part, four-point, four-room, four-speed, four-stroke, fourth, fourth-generation, fourth-grade, fourth-largest, fourth-quarter, fourth-ranked, four-week, four-wheel, four-wheel-drive, four-year, four-year-old

fractional, fractious, fragile, fragmentary, fragmented, frail, frank, frantic, fraudulent, fraught, frayed, freakish, free, freedom-versus-socialism, free-fall, free-falling, freelance, free-lance, free-market, freer, free-spending, free-spirited, free-standing, free-trade, freewheeling, french, french-language, french-made, french-speaking, frenetic, frenzied, frequent, frequent-flier, fresh, fresher, fresh-faced, freudian, frictional, fried, friendlier, friendly, frightening, frisky, frivolous, front, frontal, front-line, front-page, frosty, frothy, frugal, fruitful, fruitless, fruity, frumpy, frustrated, frustrating

fuel-efficient, fugitive, full, full-blown, full-bodied, fuller, fullest, full-fledged, full-length, full-page, full-power, full-scale, full-service, full-size, full-sized, full-throated, full-time, fun, functional, fundamental, fundamentalist, fund-raising, fungible, funky, fun-loving, funny, furious, fur-lined, furry, further, futile, future, futures-related, futuristic, fuzzier, fuzzy

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