Adjectives starting with N

Adjectives that begin with the letter N are listed in this post.

nagging, naive, naked, nameless, namibian, narrow, narrow-bodied, narrower, nascar, nascent, naseem, nastiest, nasty, national, nationalist, nationalistic, nationwide, native, natural, natural-gas, naturalistic, naturalized, nauseous, naval, navigational, navigator

near, nearby, nearer, nearest, near-panic, near-perfect, near-record, near-term, near-total, neat, necessary, neck-deep, needless, needy, negative, negligent, negligible, neighborly, neoclassical, neo-fascist, neonatal, neophyte, nerdy, nerve-racking, nervous, nesting, net, nettie, network-owned, neurological, neurotic, neutral, never-ending, new, newborn, newer, newest, newfound, new-found, new-home, new-issue, newly, next, next-door


nicaraguan, nice, nicer, nichols, nifty, nightly, nightmarish, night-time, nimble, nine-day, nine-member, nine-month, nine-point, nine-story, nine-year, nine-year-old, ninth, nipponese

noble, no-fly, no-frills, no-growth, no-illusions, noisy, no-load, nomadic, nominal, non-alcoholic, nonbinding, noncelibate, noncommercial, noncommittal, non-communist, noncompetitive, non-confrontational, non-contact, nonconvertible, non-core, nondescript, non-drug, non-essential, non-executive, nonexistent, non-existent, nonfarm, non-farm, non-food, non-governmental, non-hispanic, non-indian, non-interest, non-jewish, non-lethal, non-life, non-medical, non-monetary, no-nonsense, non-operating, nonpareil, nonpartisan, nonperforming, non-performing, non-prescription, nonproductive, nonprofit, non-profit, nonrefundable, non-regulated, non-religious, non-smoking, non-state, nonstop, non-stop, non-trade, nontraditional, nonunion, nonviolent, non-violent, nonvoting, non-voting, nonwhite, nonworking, nordic, normal, north, northeast, northeastern, northern, northernmost, north-south, northwest, northwestern, norwegian, no-smoking, nostalgic, nosy, notable, noteworthy, noticeable, notorious, not-too-distant, nouveau, nouvelle, novel, novelistic, novice, now-defunct, no-win, noxious

nuclear, nuclear-power, nuclear-powered, nude, numb, numbing, numerical, numerous, nutritional, nutritious, nuts-and-bolts, nutty

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