Adjectives starting with T

Adjectives that begin with the letter T are listed in this post.

tabloid, tacit, tacky, tactical, tag-team, tailor-made, tainted, taiwan-born, taiwanese, take-home, talented, tall, taller, tallest, tame, tamer, tangential, tangible, tantamount, tape-recorded, tapered, tardy, tart, tasteful, tasteless, tastier, tasty, tattered, taut, tawdry, taxable, tax-cut, tax-deferred, tax-exempt, tax-free, tax-sheltered, tax-writing

technical, techno, technological, technology-based, tedious, teen, teenage, teen-age, telephony, television-related, tell-all, telltale, tempestuous, temporal, temporary, tempting, tenacious, tendentious, tense, tentative, tenth, tenuous, tepid, terrestrial, terrible, terrific, terrifying, territorial, terrorist, terse, tertiary, testimonial, testy, texas-based, textured

thai, thai-cambodian, thankful, thankless, theatrical, theatrically, theirs, thematic, theological, theoretical, therapeutic, thermal, thick, thicker, thin, think-tanks, thinner, thinnest, third, third-class, third-floor, third-generation, third-largest, third-leading, third-party, third-period, third-quarter, third-ranked, third-ranking, third-rate, third-round, third-tier, third-year, thirsty, thorny, thorough, thoroughbred, thoughtful, thoughtless, three-act, three-and-a-half, three-bedroom, three-button, three-day, three-dimensional, three-game, three-hour, three-judge, three-man, three-member, three-mile, three-minute, three-month, three-month-old, three-page, three-part, three-piece, three-point, three-story, three-time, three-ton, three-way, three-week, three-week-old, three-year, three-year-old, thrifty, thrilled, thrilling, thriving, throwaway

tibetan, ticklish, tidal, tidy, tie-breaking, tight, tighter, tightfisted, tight-lipped, tilted, time-consuming, time-honored, timeless, timely, time-out-of-time, time-share, time-tested, timid, tiniest, tinny, tiny, tippling, tired, tireless, tiresome

token, tolerable, tolerant, tolerating, toll-free, tonal, toned-down, tongue-in-cheek, tony, toothless, top, top-10, top-flight, top-heavy, topical, topless, top-level, top-management, topnotch, top-of-the-line, top-performing, top-quality, top-ranked, top-ranking, top-rated, top-secret, top-selling, topsy-turvy, top-yielding, tormented, toronto-based, torrid, tortuous, tory, total, totalitarian, tottering, touch-tone, touchy, tough, tougher, toughest, tough-minded, towering, toxic

traditional, traditionalist, tragic, tranquil, tranquilizing, trans-atlantic, transboundary, transferable, transfered, transient, transitional, translucent, transnational, trans-pacific, transparent, traumatic, treacherous, treatable, tree-lined, tremendous, tremulous, trenchant, trend-setting, trendy, triad, tribal, trickier, trickiest, tricky, trilateral, trim, trimmer, trimmers, triple, triple-a, triple-c, triumphant, trivial, tropical, troubled, trouble-free, troublesome, troubling, truant, true, truncated, trustworthy, truthful

tubular, tumbledown, tumor-suppressing, tumultuous, tunky, turbo-charged, turbulent, turkish, turn-of-the-century, turquoise, tuxedoed

twangy, tweedy, twice, twice-a-year, twice-daily, twin, twin-engine, two-and-a-half, two-button, two-day, two-dimensional, two-door, two-edged, two-engine, two-family, two-floor, two-for-one, two-hour, two-income, two-lane, two-mile, two-minute, two-month, two-parent, two-part, two-pronged, two-run, two-seat, two-story, two-stroke, two-term, two-tier, two-tiered, two-time, two-tone, two-way, two-week, two-wheel, two-year, two-year-old

typical, typographical

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