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Thanks for visiting the website! It contains lists of adjectives. Please use the above menus to select the post you are interested in.

This site lists adjectives arranged by their first letter. For example, it has a list of describing words that begin with the letter E. This site also lists adjectives arranged by the last letter. For example, it has a list of adjectives that end with the letter Y.

The first A-Z menu “Start with” is for viewing lists of adjectives that start with a particular letter.

The second horizontal letter menu at the top “End with” is for selecting adjectives whose last letter is the selected letter.

The “For words” menu is used for selecting a word for which the visitor would like to see adjectives typically used with / for that word.

As an example, if one selects the letter G from the “For words” menu, and then selects the word galaxy, adjectives for galaxy would be returned, such as the adjective “distant”. Another way to find / navigate to a particular word is using the search box on this site.

Visitors to the site can add more words to the adjective lists by using the comment box below the posts.

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