Adjectives that end in Y

Adjectives ending with the letter Y are listed in this post.

abbey, accessory, advanced-technology, advisory, agro-industry, airy, all-day, ancillary, angry, anticipatory, approximately, arbitrary, asecondary, auxiliary

back-alley, baggy, balmy, beefy, big-city, bimonthly, binary, blocky, bloody, blue-sky, blurry, boxy, brassy, brawny, breathy, breezy, brotherly, budgetary, bulky, bumpy, burly, bushy, busy, buy

canny, cash-hungry, catchy, cautionary, centenary, chancy, cheeky, cheery, cheesy, child-safety, chilly, chirpy, choosy, choppy, chubby, chunky, classy, clingy, cloudy, clubby, clumsy, clunky, cocky, compensatory, complementary, complimentary, compulsory, conciliatory, contemporary, contradictory, contrary, corny, costly, counterrevolutionary, courtly, cowardly, coy, cozy, crafty, crazy, creamy, crispy, crony, cross-currency, crusty, cuddly, culinary, curly, cursory, customary

daily, dandy, dastardly, day-by-day, day-to-day, deadly, debt-equity, defamatory, deflationary, deputy, derogatory, desultory, dietary, dingy, dippy, dirty, disaster-recovery, disciplinary, discretionary, discriminatory, disorderly, diversionary, dowdy, dreamy, dreary, dry, dummy, dusty

early, earthly, earthy, easy, edgy, elderly, elementary, empty, endearingly, everyday, evolutionary, exactingly, exclusionary, excretory, exemplary, expectantly, explanatory, exploratory, extraordinary

fairy, fancy, faraway, faulty, feathery, feisty, fiduciary, fiery, filthy, five-day, five-story, flaky, flashy, flimsy, floppy, fluffy, foggy, folksy, food-safety, foolhardy, four-day, fragmentary, friendly, frisky, frosty, frothy, fruity, frumpy, funky, funny, furry, fuzzy

gaudy, gay, gentlemanly, germany, ghastly, ghostly, giddy, give-away, glassy, glitzy, gloomy, gloriously, glossy, goofy, gory, gossipy, grainy, grassy, gray, greasy, greedy, grey, grimy, grisly, gritty, grubby, guilty, gun-shy, gutsy

hairy, half-empty, half-way, hallucinatory, handy, happy, hardy, hasty, haughty, hazy, heady, healthy, hearty, heavy, heavy-duty, hefty, hereditary, high-capacity, high-energy, high-quality, high-security, high-visibility, hilly, hokey, holy, honorary, hourly, hungry, hunky-dory, husky

icy, identically, iffy, illusory, imaginary, immaculately, improvisatory, incendiary, inflammatory, inflationary, information-technology, inner-city, inter-agency, intercity, intraday, introductory, involuntary, itchy

jaunty, jazzy, jittery, jolly, jowly, juicy, jumpy

key, kindly, kitschy, knotty, kooky

lanky, large-city, latter-day, lazy, leafy, leaky, leery, legendary, leisurely, lengthy, less-risky, lewinsky, likely, limited-apology, literary, lively, lofty, lonely, loony, loopy, lousy, lovely, low-density, low-key, lowly, lucky, lumpy

male-only, mammary, mandatory, many, masterly, maximum-security, measly, melancholy, mercenary, merry, messy, mighty, military, milky, miserly, missionary, modern-day, momentary, monetary, monthly, moody, mostly, muddy, muggy, multifamily, murky, museum-quality, mushy

nasty, nearby, necessary, needy, neighborly, nerdy, newly, nifty, nightly, nine-day, nine-story, no-fly, noisy, non-monetary, nosy, noteworthy, nutty

obligatory, office-supply, oily, okay, olfactory, once-sleepy, one-day, one-family, one-party, one-story, one-way, only, orderly, ordinary, ornery

paltry, panicky, paramilitary, parliamentary, participatory, peppy, perky, personal-injury, petty, phony, picky, pithy, planetary, play-by-play, plenary, plenty, plucky, police-community, poor-quality, power-hungry, power-play, praiseworthy, precautionary, predatory, preliminary, preparatory, preppy, present-day, press-happy, pretty, pricey, prickly, primary, princely, privy, pro-democracy, product-liability, promissory, proprietary, proxy, punchy, puny, pushy

quality, quarterly, quirky

racy, raggedly, rainy, reactionary, read-only, ready, recessionary, reedy, regulatory, respiratory, retaliatory, revolutionary, rickety, risky, ritzy, rocky, roomy, rosy, rotary, rowdy, rudimentary, runaway, rusty

saintly, salutary, same-day, sandy, sanitary, sappy, sassy, satisfactory, savvy, scary, scholarly, scrappy, seamy, secondary, second-story, seedy, self-congratulatory, self-regulatory, sensory, seven-day, seven-story, shabby, shadowy, shady, shaggy, shaky, shapely, shifty, shiny, shoddy, shy, sickly, signatory, silky, silly, silvery, single-country, single-day, single-party, six-day, six-story, sketchy, skimpy, skinny, sleazy, sleepy, slimy, slinky, slippery, sloppy, sly, small-company, smarmy, smelly, smoky, snappy, sneaky, snooty, snowy, soggy, solitary, sonny, sorry, speedy, spicy, spiffy, splashy, sport-utility, sporty, spotty, sprightly, squeaky, standby, stand-by, stately, stationary, statutory, steady, stealthy, steely, sticky, stingy, stocky, stodgy, stormy, stray, stubby, stuffy, sturdy, subsidary, sugary, sundry, sunny, supervisory, sweaty

tacky, tardy, tasty, tawdry, telephony, temporary, tertiary, testy, theatrically, third-party, thirsty, thorny, three-day, three-story, three-way, thrifty, throwaway, tidy, timely, tinny, tiny, tony, top-heavy, top-quality, topsy-turvy, tory, touchy, transboundary, trendy, tricky, trustworthy, tunky, turn-of-the-century, twangy, tweedy, twice-daily, two-day, two-family, two-story, two-way

ugly, uncanny, uneasy, unfriendly, ungainly, unhappy, unhealthy, unholy, unitary, unlikely, unlucky, unnecessary, unruly, unsatisfactory, unsavory, unseemly, unsightly, untimely, untrustworthy, unwary, unwieldy, unworthy

very, veterinary, virtually, visionary, voluntary

wacky, wary, watery, wealthy, weary, weekly, weighty, whacky, white-minority, wide-body, wily, windy, wintry, wiry, witty, wobbly, woolly, woozy, worldly, world-weary, worthy, wry



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