Adjectives that end in S

Adjectives ending with the letter S are listed in this post.

acrimonious, advantageous, adventurous, after-hours, agricultural-products, aimless, all-news, ambiguous, ambitious, amiss, analogous, anomalous, anonymous, anti-virus, anxious, a-plus, arduous, artless, atrocious, audacious, auspicious, autonomous, auto-parts

barbarous, bare-bones, baseless, behind-the-scenes, billion-plus, bogus, boisterous, bourgeois

calamitous, callous, cancerous, capricious, careless, cashless, cautious, cavernous, childless, colorless, conscientious, conscious, conspicuous, contagious, contemptuous, contentious, contiguous, continuous, copious, cost-conscious, countless, courageous, crass, cross, curious

dangerous, defenseless, deleterious, delicious, diaphanous, disadvantageous, disastrous, disingenuous, dubious

effortless, egregious, eighties, endless, enormous, erroneous, euphonious, excess, express, extraneous

fabulous, facetious, fallacious, famous, fashion-conscious, fastidious, faultless, fearless, featureless, ferocious, fictitious, firecrackers, first-class, first-timers, flawless, flirtatious, fractious, frivolous, fruitless, furious

gaseous, generous, glamorous, glorious, gorgeous, gracious, grass-roots, gratuitous, gregarious, grievous, gross, groundless

hapless, harmless, harmonious, hazardous, health-conscious, heartless, heinous, helpless, hers, hicks, hideous, high-class, high-stakes, hilarious, homeless, homogeneous, homogenous, hopeless, horrendous, human-rights, humorless, humorous

illustrious, impecunious, imperious, impervious, impetuous, inauspicious, incongruous, indigenous, infamous, infectious, ingenious, innocuous, insidious, instantaneous, intravenous

jealous, jobless, jones, joyless, joyous, judicious

languorous, lawless, lecherous, less, lifeless, limitless, listless, litigious, loquacious, lower-middle-class, low-stress, ludicrous, luminous, luscious, luxurious

malicious, marvelous, mass, meaningless, mellifluous, melodious, meticulous, middle-class, million-plus, mindless, miraculous, miscellaneous, mischievous, momentous, monstrous, motionless, murderous, mutinous, mysterious

nameless, natural-gas, nauseous, needless, nervous, nichols, no-frills, no-illusions, non-religious, notorious, noxious, numerous, nutritious, nuts-and-bolts

oblivious, obnoxious, obvious, odious, off-limits, ominous, omnibus, on-campus, onerous, ours, outrageous, overseas, overzealous

painless, peerless, perfidious, perilous, pernicious, pilgrims, pious, plainclothes, pointless, poisonous, ponderous, populous, porous, portentous, powerless, precarious, precious, precipitous, precocious, preposterous, prestigious, presumptuous, pretentious, previous, price-earnings, priceless, pro-business, prodigious, promiscuous, propitious, prosperous, public-relations, public-works, pugnacious

rambunctious, raucous, rebellious, reckless, relentless, religious, remiss, repetitious, restless, ridiculous, righteous, rigorous, ruinous, ruthless

salacious, sales, scandalous, self-conscious, self-righteous, senseless, sensuous, serious, seven-eighths, shirtless, simultaneous, sinus, slow-news, small-arms, smokeless, social-services, solicitous, soothsayers, soup-to-nuts, spacious, spontaneous, spotless, spurious, stainless, stateless, strenuous, studious, sumptuous, superfluous, surplus, suspicious, swiss, synchronous, synonymous

tasteless, tedious, tempestuous, tenacious, tendentious, tenuous, thankless, theirs, think-tanks, third-class, thoughtless, timeless, tireless, toothless, topless, tortuous, treacherous, tremendous, tremulous, trimmers, tumultuous

ubiquitous, unambiguous, unanimous, unconscious, unglamorous, unpretentious, unscrupulous, unserious, upper-class, urbanites, useless

various, vicious, victorious, vigorous, vociferous, voluminous, voluptuous, voracious

windowless, wireless, wondrous, working-class, world-class, world-famous, worthless


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