Adjectives for change

Change adjectives are listed in this post. Each word below can often be found in front of the noun change in the same sentence. This reference page can help answer the question what are some adjectives commonly used for describing CHANGE.

abiding, able, abnormal, above, abrupt, absolute, accelerated, acceptable, accidental, accompanying, acid, active, actual, acute, adaptive, additional, address, administrative, advantageous, adverse, affective, agrarian, agreeable, agricultural, alarming, alleged, alternate, amazing, analogous, anatomical, angular, annual, anticipated, apparent, appreciable, approaching, appropriate, arbitrary, architectural, artificial, artistic, associated, astonishing, astounding, atmospheric, attempted, attitude, attitudinal, auspicious, authentic, automatic, average, awful, bad, based, basic, beautiful, behavioral, behavioural, beneficent, beneficial, best, better, bewildering, big, bigger, biggest, biochemical, biological, bitter, blessed, bodily, bold, brief, broad, broader, capricious, cataclysmic, catastrophic, ceaseless, cent, certain, change, characteristic, chemical, chief, chord, chump, clean, clear, click, client, climate, climatic, clinical, cognitive, collective, coming, common, compensatory, complete, complex, compositional, comprehensive, conceptual, concomitant, concrete, conformational, conscious, consequent, consequential, considerable, consistent, consonant, conspicuous, constant, constitutional, constructive, contemplated, contemporary, content, contextual, continual, continued, continuous, controversial, corporate, correct, correlative, corresponding, cosmetic, cosmic, creative, critical, crucial

cruel, cultural, culture, cumulative, curious, current, curricular, cyclic, cyclical, cystic, daily, dangerous, day, de, decisive, deep, deeper, definite, definitive, degenerative, degree, deliberate, delightful, democratic, demographic, dependent, deplorable, design, desirable, desired, destructive, detectable, developmental, diachronic, dietary, different, differential, difficult, dimensional, direct, directed, directional, disastrous, discernible, discontinuous, discrete, dismal, disruptive, distinct, disturbing, diurnal, divine, doctrinal, domestic, double, down, dramatic, drastic, dreadful, dreary, dressing, driven, dynamic, dynastic, e, earlier, earliest, early, earth, earthly, easy, ecclesiastical, ecological, economic, editorial, educational, effective, effectual, electoral, electrical, emotional, encouraging, endless, enduring, energy, enharmonic, enormous, enough, enthalpy, entire, entropy, environmental, epochal, equal, equivalent, essential, eternal, ethical, ethiopian, euphonic, eventual, ever, everlasting, evident, evil, evolutionary, exact, excellent, exciting, exogenous, expected, exponential, extensive, external, extra, extraordinary, extreme, facial, farreaching, fast, fatal, favorable, favourable, fear, fearful, final, financial, fine, finite, first, fold, following, for, forced, formal

former, fortunate, foster, fostering, fourth, fractional, frequent, fresh, frightful, full, functional, fundamental, further, future, general, generational, genetic, genuine, geographical, geological, geopolitical, gieat, global, glorious, gonna, good, governmental, gracious, gradual, grammatical, grand, grateful, great, greater, greatest, happy, hard, harmonic, hasty, healthful, healthy, heavy, heritable, high, historic, historical, honest, hopeful, horizontal, hormonal, horrible, hourly, huge, human, hurried, ideological, ill, immediate, immense, imminent, immortal, impending, imperceptible, important, incessant, incipient, incredible, incremental, indefinable, indescribable, individual, induced, industrial, inevitable, inexplicable, infinite, infinitesimal, inflammatory, initial, inner, innovative, insignificant, instant, instantaneous, institutional, instructional, intellectual, intended, intense, intentional, interesting, interior, internal, international, intrinsic, involuntary, inward, irreversible, irrevocable, judicious, kaleidoscopic, key, lamentable, lane, language, large, larger, largest, last, lasting, late, later, latest, latter, lead, leading, least, legal, legislative, less, level, light, like, likely, limited, linear, linguistic, litde, literal, little, local, long, longer, longitudinal, loose

lovely, magic, magical, main, major, malignant, manifest, many, marginal, marked, marvellous, marvelous, mass, massive, material, maximum, mean, meaningful, measurable, measured, mechanical, melancholy, memorable, mental, mere, metabolic, mighty, military, minimal, minimum, minor, minute, miraculous, miserable, moderate, modern, modest, molecular, momentary, momentous, monumental, moral, morbid, more, morphologic, morphological, mortal, most, mournful, much, musical, must, mutual, mysterious, mystic, national, natural, necessary, needed, needful, needless, negative, negligible, nervous, net, new, next, nice, nominal, normal, normative, not, notable, noteworthy, noticeable, nucleotide, objective, observable, observed, obvious, occasional, occupational, odd, official, old, ominous, ongoing, only, operational, opposite, order, orderly, ordinary, organic, organisational, organizational, original, other, outward, overall, overnight, overwhelming, own, painful, palpable, paradigmatic, parallel, partial, particular, past, pathologic, pathological, patient, peaceful, peculiar, pedagogical, percent, percentage, perceptible, perceptual, perfect, periodic, periodical, permanent, perpetual, persistent, personal, pervasive, ph, phase, phenomenal, phenotypic, philosophical, phonetic, physical

physiologic, physiological, pitch, planned, pleasant, pleasing, point, political, portentous, positive, possible, postural, potential, powerful, practical, precipitate, predictable, present, pressure, previous, primary, principal, probable, procedural, prodigious, productive, professional, profound, progressive, projected, prominent, promised, promising, prompt, pronounced, proper, proportional, proportionate, proposed, prospective, psychic, psychical, psychological, public, purposeful, putrefactive, qualitative, quantitative, quantum, quick, racial, radical, random, rapid, rare, reaching, real, reasonable, recent, reciprocal, recommended, refreshing, regime, regional, regular, regulatory, related, relational, relative, relevant, religious, remarkable, repeated, required, requisite, restless, resultant, resulting, reverse, reversible, revolutionary, rhythmic, right, sad, sadden, salutary, same, satisfactory, saving, scale, scientific, seasonal, second, secondary, secular, seeming, seismic, select, semantic, sensible, serious, severe, sharp, shocking, short, signal, significant, silent, silver, similar, simple, simplest, simultaneous, single, singular, slight, slightest, slow, small, smaller, smallest, smooth, social, societal, sociocultural, socioeconomic, sociopolitical, sole, solemn, sound, spare, spatial, special, specific, speed

speedy, spiritual, spontaneous, standard, startling, statutory, steady, stimulating, strange, strategic, striking, strong, structural, stupendous, stylistic, subject, subjective, subsequent, substantial, substantive, subtle, successful, successive, such, sudden, sufficient, suggested, suitable, superficial, supernatural, supposed, sure, surprising, sustainable, sustained, sweeping, sweet, swift, systematic, systemic, tactical, tangible, technical, technological, temperature, temporal, temporary, term, terrible, territorial, textual, theological, therapeutic, third, thorough, time, timely, tiny, total, transformational, transformative, transient, traumatic, tremendous, trifling, trivial, true, tumultuous, twofold, typical, ultimate, unaccountable, unanticipated, unauthorized, unceasing, unconscious, undergone, underlying, underwent, undesirable, unexpected, unfavorable, unfavourable, unforeseen, unfortunate, unhappy, uniform, unilateral, unimportant, unit, universal, unknown, unnecessary, unprecedented, unpredictable, unusual, unwanted, unwelcome, up, upcoming, urban, use, useful, usual, utter, variable, various, vast, verbal, vertical, very, violent, visible, visual, vital, voluntary, weekly, weight, welcome, whole, wholesale, wholesome, wide, wider, widespread, wind, wise, wonderful, wondrous, wrenching, wrong, y, year, yearly

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