Adjectives that end in T

Adjectives ending with the letter T are listed in this post.

abject, above-market, abrupt, absent, absorbent, abstract, abundant, activist, adamant, adept, adjacent, adjunct, adroit, adult, affluent, aft, aghast, alarmist, alert, all-important, all-night, all-out, ambivalent, american-built, amusement, ancient, anti-aircraft, anti-communist, anti-depressant, anti-government, anti-soviet, antitrust, anti-trust, apart, apparent, apt, arabist, ardent, arrogant, assistant, atheist, attendant, attorney-client, august

balanced-budget, bankrupt, barefoot, bargain-basement, beat, below-market, benevolent, bereft, best, big-budget, big-event, biggest, big-ticket, bittersweet, blacked-out, black-market, blatant, bloodshot, blunt, boldest, bravest, breach-of-contract, briefest, bright, brightest, brilliant, broadest, buddhist, buoyant, burned-out, burnt, busiest

capitalist, center-left, center-right, centrist, cheapest, circumspect, clean-cut, cleanest, clear-cut, clearest, closed-circuit, close-knit, closest, coast-to-coast, co-dependent, coherent, coming-out, communist, compact, competent, complacent, compliant, concomitant, concurrent, confident, conflict-of-interest, consequent, consistent, consonant, constant, content, contingent, convenient, correct, corrosion-resistant, corrupt, cost-benefit, costliest, counterfeit, covert, creepiest, cross-market, crudest, current

deadliest, debt-payment, decadent, decent, decrepit, deepest, defunct, delinquent, dependent, deviant, devout, different, difficult, diligent, direct, dirtiest, discordant, discreet, dishonest, dissident, distant, distinct, distraught, divergent, dominant, dormant, double-digit, downbeat, drawn-out, dumbest

earliest, earnest, easiest, east, ebullient, efficient, effluent, eldest, elegant, eliminationist, elitist, eloquent, eminent, energy-efficient, enrichment, equivalent, errant, ever-present, evident, exact, excellent, exempt, exorbitant, expansionist, expectant, expert, explicit, extinct, extravagant, extremist, exuberant

faint, faintest, far-left, far-right, farthest, fascist, fast, fastest, fat, federal-court, feminist, fervent, fest, fewest, fiercest, fifth-highest, fifth-largest, finest, first, fit, fittest, five-point, flagrant, flamboyant, flat, flat-out, flippant, fluent, fly-by-night, fondest, foremost, for-profit, forthright, four-part, four-point, fourth-largest, fraudulent, fraught, free-market, frequent, front, fuel-efficient, fullest, fundamentalist

gallant, general-interest, giant, grandest, gravest, great, greatest

half-point, happiest, hardest, hardest-hit, hard-fought, hard-hit, harshest, healthiest, heartfelt, heaviest, heavyweight, hell-bent, hesitant, high-art, high-cost, highest, high-export, high-interest, high-profit, hit, holiest, honest, hot, hottest, hundt

illicit, immigrant, imminent, immodest, impatient, imperfect, impertinent, implicit, important, import-export, impotent, impressionist, imprudent, inadvertent, incandescent, incipient, incoherent, incompetent, inconsistent, inconvenient, incorrect, incumbent, indecent, independent, indifferent, indigent, indignant, indirect, inefficient, inept, inert, infant, infrequent, inherent, innermost, innocent, insignificant, insistent, insolvent, instant, insufficient, insulin-dependent, insurgent, intact, intelligent, intent, intermittent, interventionist, intolerant, intransigent, iridescent, irrelevant, irreverent, itinerant

joint, jubilant, just

labor-management, landlord-tenant, largest, last, late-night, latest, law-enforcement, lawyer-client, least, leftist, left-right, lenient, light, lightweight, liveliest, long-dominant, long-dormant, longest, long-sought, lost, loudest, loveliest, low-budget, low-cost, lower-cost, lower-court, lowest, lowest-cost, low-fat, low-interest, luckiest

magnificent, makeshift, malignant, manifest, marxist, marxist-leninist, mass-market, mideast, midwest, migrant, militant, million-square-foot, minimalist, modernist, modest, moist, moot, most, much-talked-about, mutant

nascent, nastiest, nationalist, nearest, near-perfect, neat, negligent, neo-fascist, net, newest, next, nine-point, non-communist, non-contact, nondescript, nonexistent, non-existent, non-interest, nonprofit, non-profit, nonviolent, non-violent, northeast, northernmost, northwest, not-too-distant, now-defunct

obedient, oceanfront, oddest, offbeat, off-beat, oldest, omnipresent, one-act, one-night, one-percentage-point, one-point, one-set, one-shot, opulent, out, out-and-out, out-of-court, out-of-pocket, outright, overbought, overbuilt, overnight, overt, overweight, overwrought

paramount, past, paternalist, patient, perfect, permanent, persistent, pertinent, pet, petulant, pilot, piquant, pleasant, poignant, poorest, populist, post, potent, predominant, pre-eminent, pre-employment, preflight, pregnant, prescient, present, pre-set, prevalent, priciest, proficient, prominent, prompt, protectionist, protestant, proudest, prudent, public-transit, pungent, purest

quaint, quake-hit, quickest, quiet

racist, radiant, rampant, recalcitrant, recent, recombinant, recurrent, recut, redundant, relevant, reliant, reluctant, reminiscent, repellent, repentant, resident, resilient, resistant, resonant, resplendent, resurgent, reticent, richest, right, riskiest, robust, rough-cut, roughest

sacrosanct, safest, savviest, scant, scarlet, scattershot, second-biggest, second-highest, second-largest, second-worst, secret, select, self-confident, self-indulgent, self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-taught, separatist, seven-digit, seven-point, severest, sharpest, short, shortest, significant, silent, simplest, single-digit, single-parent, six-foot, sixth-largest, slight, slightest, slowest, smallest, smart, smartest, socialist, soft, sold-out, solvent, southeast, southwest, soviet, special-interest, spur-of-the-moment, square-foot, squat, stagnant, stalinist, stalwart, state-of-the-art, staunchest, steadfast, steepest, stiffest, straight, stressed-out, strict, strictest, strident, stringent, strongest, stupidest, subject, subsequent, subservient, succulent, sufficient, superefficient, superfast, surest, suspect, sweet, sweetest, swift, swiftest

tacit, tallest, tantamount, tart, taut, tax-cut, tax-exempt, terrorist, thinnest, third-largest, three-act, three-part, three-point, tight, tiniest, tolerant, top-flight, top-management, top-secret, toughest, traditionalist, transient, translucent, transparent, trenchant, trickiest, triumphant, truant, turbulent, two-parent, two-part, two-seat

uncut, unfit, unhurt, unimportant, unjust, unkempt, unmet, unpleasant, unrepentant, unspent, upbeat, up-front, upmarket, up-market, upset, upstart, uptight, up-tight, urgent

vacant, vaguest, valiant, vast, vehement, vibrant, violent, virulent

weakest, wealthiest, weirdest, well-cut, west, wet, wheat, widest, wildest, windswept, wind-swept, winningest, wisest, worst, worst-hit


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