Adjectives that end in L

Adjectives ending with the letter L are listed in this post.

abdominal, abnormal, aboriginal, abysmal, accidental, actual, actuarial, additional, adversarial, aerial, aeronautical, after-school, agricultural, allegorical, all-powerful, analytical, anatomical, ancestral, anecdotal, annual, anthropological, antisocial, anti-social, antithetical, anytactical, archaeological, architectural, archival, arch-rival, aretail, arms-control, arterial, artful, artificial, astronomical, atypical, audio-visual, autobiographical, autumnal, awful

back-to-school, bacterial, banal, bashful, beautiful, behavioral, beneficial, biblical, bicameral, bicentennial, bilateral, bilingual, biochemical, biographical, biological, biomedical, blissful, boastful, botanical, bottom-of-the-barrel, brutal, business-as-usual

careful, car-rental, casual, categorical, central, cerebral, ceremonial, cervical, cheerful, chemical, chronological, circumstantial, civil, classical, clerical, clinical, coastal, coincidental, collateral, colorful, colossal, comical, commercial, commerical, communal, compositional, conceptual, conditional, confessional, confidential, confrontational, congenial, congressional, consensual, constitutional, continental, continual, contractual, controversial, conventional, conversational, cool, cordial, cost-control, countercultural, criminal, critical, cross-cultural, crucial, cruel, cultural, custodial, cyclical, cynical

decimal, delightful, dental, detrimental, devotional, diabolical, dictatorial, diesel, digital, directional, direct-mail, directorial, disdainful, disgraceful, disloyal, dismal, distasteful, divisional, doctoral, doubtful, dreadful, dual, dull, dutiful, dyed-in-the-wool

ecological, economical, ecumenical, editorial, educational, electoral, electrical, elliptical, emotional, empirical, entrepreneurial, entry-level, environmental, equal, essential, eternal, ethereal, ethical, evangelical, eventful, eventual, evil, exceptional, executive-level, experimental, external, extramarital, extraterrestrial

facial, factual, faithful, fanatical, fanciful, fatal, fateful, fearful, fecal, federal, fetal, feudal, fictional, final, financial, fire-control, fiscal, fitful, flat-panel, flavorful, floral, focal, forceful, formal, fossil, foul, four-wheel, fractional, frail, free-fall, frictional, frontal, frugal, fruitful, full, functional, fundamental

gastrointestinal, general, generational, genial, genital, genteel, geographical, geological, geometrical, geothermal, gestational, glacial, gleeful, global, governmental, graceful, gradual, graphical, grateful, gravitational, gubernatorial

habitual, half-full, harmful, hateful, helpful, herbal, heretical, higher-level, high-level, historical, hopeful, horizontal, hormonal, hypocritical, hypothetical, hysterical

ideal, identical, ideological, ill, illegal, illogical, immoral, impartial, imperial, impractical, improvisational, inaugural, incidental, inconsequential, incremental, individual, industrial, ineffectual, infernal, influential, informal, informational, initial, insightful, inspirational, institutional, instructional, instrumental, insubstantial, integral, intellectual, intentional, intergovernmental, inter-governmental, internal, international, interpersonal, intestinal, irrational

joyful, judgmental, judicial, jurisdictional

lateral, lawful, legal, lethal, liberal, light-rail, literal, local, logical, logistical, long-haul, lower-level, low-level, loyal, lyrical

magical, managerial, manual, marginal, marital, martial, material, mathematical, mayoral, meaningful, mechanical, medical, medicinal, medieval, menial, menstrual, mental, mercurial, metallurgical, metaphorical, metaphysical, meteorological, methodical, microbial, midlevel, mindful, minimal, ministerial, montreal, monumental, moral, mortal, multilateral, multilingual, multinational, municipal, musical, mutual, mystical, mythical, mythological

national, natural, naval, navigational, near-total, neoclassical, neonatal, neurological, neutral, nfl, nominal, noncommercial, noncommittal, non-confrontational, non-essential, non-governmental, non-lethal, non-medical, nonpareil, nontraditional, normal, novel, numerical, nutritional

occasional, occupational, oddball, official, one-size-fits-all, operational, optical, optimal, optional, oral, orbital, orchestral, organizational, oriental, original, ornamental, overall

painful, palatial, papal, paradoxical, parallel, parental, parochial, partial, pastoral, paternal, pathological, peaceful, penal, perennial, peripheral, perpetual, personal, pharmaceutical, phenomenal, philosophical, physical, physiological, pictorial, pivotal, playful, plentiful, political, pork-barrel, positional, postal, post-trial, potential, powerful, practical, prefectural, preferential, prejudicial, prenatal, preschool, presidential, pretrial, pre-trial, principal, private-label, procedural, professional, professorial, promotional, proportional, prosecutorial, prototypical, proverbial, provincial, provisional, prudential, psychological, public-school, puritanical, purposeful

quadrennial, quarterfinal, quasi-governmental, quintessential

rabbinical, racial, radical, rational, real, reciprocal, recreational, regional, remedial, rental, representational, resentful, residential, residual, resourceful, respectful, retail, retinal, reverential, rhetorical, rightful, rival, royal, rueful, run-of-the-mill, rural

satirical, screening-level, sculptural, seasonal, second-level, secretarial, secretary-general, semiannual, semi-annual, seminal, senatorial, sensational, sensual, sentimental, serial, several, shrill, single-level, skeptical, skillful, small, social, societal, sociological, sorrowful, soulful, south-central, special, spinal, spiritual, split-level, spousal, stainless-steel, standstill, stand-still, statistical, stereotypical, still, stressful, structural, subliminal, substantial, successful, superficial, supernatural, supplemental, surgical, surreal, symmetrical

tactical, tall, tangential, tasteful, technical, technological, tell-all, temporal, terrestrial, territorial, testimonial, thankful, theatrical, theological, theoretical, thermal, thoughtful, three-dimensional, tidal, tonal, topical, top-level, total, traditional, tranquil, transitional, transnational, tribal, trilateral, trivial, tropical, truthful, two-dimensional, two-wheel, typical, typographical

unconditional, unconstitutional, unconventional, uncritical, unequal, unequivocal, unethical, uneventful, unilateral, universal, unlawful, unofficial, unoriginal, unprofessional, unsentimental, unsuccessful, unusual, uphill, useful, usual

venereal, verbal, vertical, video-rental, viral, virtual, visual, vital, vocal, vocational

wasteful, watchful, well, whimsical, willful, wishful, wistful, woeful, wonderful, wrongful


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