Adjectives for effects

Effects adjectives are listed in this post. Each word below can often be found in front of the noun effects in the same sentence. This reference page can help answer the question what are some adjectives commonly used for describing EFFECTS.

above, academic, accidental, acoustic, active, actual, acute, addictive, additional, additive, admirable, adrenergic, advantageous, adverse, aesthetic, after, aggregate, agreeable, alarming, alleged, altering, amazing, ambiguous, ameliorative, anabolic, analgesic, analogous, androgenic, anesthetic, animated, antagonist, antagonistic, anthropogenic, antibacterial, anticancer, anticholinergic, anticipated, anticompetitive, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, antihypertensive, antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, antinociceptive, antioxidant, antiplatelet, antiproliferative, antitumor, antiviral, anxiolytic, apoptotic, apparent, appreciable, appropriate, architectural, artificial, artistic, associated, astonishing, atmospheric, attendant, audio, autonomic, available, average, awful, bad, baleful, baneful, based, basic, beautiful, behavioral, behavioural, beneficent, beneficial, benign, best, better, bidirectional, big, binding, biochemical, biologic, biological, bitter, bizarre, blessed, blighting, bodily, brilliant, broad, broader, brutalizing, calamitous, carcinogenic, cardiac, cardioprotective, cardiotoxic, cardiovascular, catalytic, catastrophic, cathartic, causal, cellular, central, certain, characteristic, charming, chemical, chief, chilling, chromatic, chronic, chronotropic, cinematic, civil, civilizing, clear, climatic, clinical, cns, coercive, cognitive, cohort, collateral, collective, combined, comic, commercial, common, comparable, comparative, compensatory, competitive, complementary, complex, complicated, compositional, concomitant, concrete, conflicting, consequent, consequential, considerable, consistent, constant, constitutional, constraining, contagious, contaminating, contemporary, context, contextual

contingent, continued, contradictory, contrary, contrasting, cool, cooperative, corresponding, corrosive, corrupting, cosmetic, counterproductive, creative, crippling, critical, cruel, cultural, cumulative, curative, curious, current, cytopathic, cytotoxic, d, damaging, dangerous, dazzling, deadening, deadly, debasing, debilitating, decisive, decorative, definite, degenerative, degrading, dehumanizing, delayed, deleterious, delicate, delightful, demographic, demonstrable, demoralising, demoralizing, dependent, deplorable, depressant, depressing, depressive, desirable, desired, desolating, destabilizing, destructive, detectable, detrimental, devastating, developmental, different, differential, diffuse, digital, dimensional, dire, direct, direful, disabling, disagreeable, disastrous, discernible, disciplinary, discriminatory, discursive, disintegrating, dismal, disparate, displacement, disproportionate, disruptive, distant, distinct, distinctive, distorting, distressing, distributional, distributive, disturbing, diuretic, divergent, diverse, divine, divisive, domestic, down, downstream, dramatic, drastic, dreadful, drying, dual, dynamic, dynamical, e, earliest, early, ecological, economic, economical, edge, educational, electrical, electromagnetic, electronic, electrostatic, emotional, empirical, endocrine, enduring, enervating, enhancing, ennobling, enormous, environmental, epigenetic, equal, equivalent, erosive, estrogenic, ethical, euphoric, evident, evil, evolutionary, exact, exaggerated, excellent, excitatory, exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, experimental, explosive, exquisite, extensive, external, extraordinary, extrapyramidal, extreme, fantastic, farreaching, fatal, favorable, favourable

fearful, feedback, fetal, few, fewer, final, financial, fine, finest, first, fiscal, fixed, following, framing, frictional, frightful, full, functional, fundamental, further, future, gastrointestinal, gender, gendered, general, generalized, generational, genetic, genuine, global, glorious, good, gracious, gradient, grand, graphic, grave, gravitational, great, greater, greatest, hallucinatory, hallucinogenic, halo, happiest, happy, harmful, harmonic, harmonious, harsh, hazardous, health, healthful, hemodynamic, hereditary, hidden, highest, historical, hormonal, horrible, horrid, horrific, huge, human, humanizing, humorous, hurtful, hypnotic, hypotensive, hypothesized, iatrogenic, identical, ideological, ill, immediate, immense, immune, immunological, immunomodulatory, immunosuppressive, important, impressive, in, incalculable, incentive, incidental, inconsistent, incremental, independent, indirect, individual, induced, inducing, inductive, industrial, inertial, inevitable, inflammatory, inflationary, inhibiting, inhibitory, initial, injurious, innumerable, inotropic, insidious, insignificant, instantaneous, institutional, instrumental, intellectual, intended, intense, interaction, interactive, interesting, intergenerational, internal, international, intrinsic, invigorating, irreversible, irritating, its, joint, key, kinetic, known, lamentable, large, larger, largest, last, lasting, late, latent, later, latter, laxative, legal, legitimate, lesser, lethal, level, lifelong, light, like, likely, limited, linear, lingering, linguistic, literary, little

local, localized, longitudinal, longterm, lovely, lowering, luminous, macroeconomic, magic, magical, magnetic, magnificent, main, major, malign, manifest, manifold, many, marginal, marked, marvellous, marvelous, mass, massive, material, maternal, matthew, maximum, mean, meaningful, measurable, measured, mechanical, mediated, mediating, medical, medicinal, melancholy, mental, mere, metabolic, metrical, mighty, mild, military, minimal, minor, miraculous, mischievous, miserable, mitigating, mixed, moderate, modest, modulatory, molecular, momentous, moral, morbid, more, most, motivational, movable, moveable, multipath, multiple, multiplier, musical, mutagenic, mutual, myriad, mysterious, narcotic, national, natural, necessary, negative, negligible, nephrotoxic, nervous, net, network, neural, neurobiological, neurochemical, neurologic, neurological, neuroprotective, neurotoxic, new, noble, nonlinear, nonspecific, normal, notable, noticeable, novel, noxious, numbing, numerous, nutritional, objective, observable, observed, obvious, odd, off, offsetting, on, ongoing, only, opioid, opposing, opposite, oppressive, optical, orchestral, order, ordinary, organic, organizational, original, osmotic, other, out, outward, over, overall, overwhelming, own, painful, palpable, paracrine, paradoxical, parallel, paralysing, paralyzing, partial, particular, past, pathogenic, pathologic, pathological, peculiar, peer, penal, perceptible, perceptual, period, peripheral, permanent, pernicious, persistent, personal

persuasive, pervasive, perverse, ph, pharmacodynamic, pharmacologic, pharmacological, phenotypic, photographic, physical, physiologic, physiological, pictorial, picturesque, placebo, pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable, pleiotropic, poetic, poetical, poisonous, political, positive, possible, potent, potential, powerful, practical, precious, precise, predictable, prejudicial, present, pressure, presumed, pretty, preventive, primary, principal, private, probable, problematic, prodigious, producing, productive, profound, progressive, projected, proliferative, prolonged, prominent, promising, promoting, pronounced, proper, protective, psychedelic, psychiatric, psychic, psychical, psychoactive, psychological, psychosocial, public, purifying, qualitative, quantitative, quantum, racial, radical, random, range, ranging, rapid, rare, ravaging, reaching, reactive, real, realistic, recency, reciprocal, redistributive, reducing, regional, regulatory, related, relational, relative, relativistic, relaxing, relevant, relieving, religious, remarkable, remedial, remote, remoter, renal, reported, reproductive, residual, respective, respiratory, response, restorative, resultant, resulting, reverse, revolutionary, rewarding, rhetorical, rhythmic, rich, ripple, robust, round, ruinous, run, sad, salubrious, salutary, same, sanctifying, saving, scale, scenic, seasonal, secondary, sedating, sedative, selective, sensational, sensible, sensory, sensuous, separate, serious, several, severe, shortterm, side, significant, similar, simple, simultaneous, single, singular, size, slight, small, smaller, social

socializing, societal, socioeconomic, solvent, somatic, soothing, soporific, sound, sparing, spatial, special, specific, spectacular, spillover, spirit, spiritual, splendid, spurious, stabilizing, startling, statistical, steric, stifling, stimulant, stimulating, stimulatory, stochastic, strange, strategic, stress, striking, strong, stronger, strongest, structural, stultifying, stunning, stupefying, stupendous, stylistic, subjective, sublime, subsequent, substantial, substantive, subtle, such, sudden, supernatural, suppressive, surprising, symbolic, sympathomimetic, synergistic, systematic, systemic, tangible, target, technical, temperature, temporal, temporary, teratogenic, term, terrible, textural, theatrical, therapeutic, thermal, threatening, tidal, time, tonal, tonic, total, toxic, toxicological, tragic, transformative, transient, transitory, traumatic, tremendous, trophic, true, type, typical, ulterior, ultimate, unanticipated, unavoidable, uncertain, undesirable, undesired, unequal, uneven, unexpected, unfavorable, unfavourable, unforeseen, unfortunate, unhappy, unhealthy, uniform, unintended, unique, united, universal, unknown, unpleasant, unpredictable, unsettling, untoward, unusual, unwanted, up, useful, usual, valuable, variable, varied, various, vascular, vasoconstrictive, vast, very, vicious, video, violent, viscous, visible, visual, vocal, weak, weaker, weird, welfare, whole, wholesome, wide, wider, widespread, wind, withering, wonderful, wondrous, world, worldly, worse, worst, year

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