Adjectives that end in M

Adjectives ending with the letter M are listed in this post.

acetabuliform, aciculiform, aciform, acinaciform, acinetiform, aciniform, actiniform, aculeiform, adeniform, adipoceriform, aeriform, aliform, aluminiform, alveoliform, ambulacriform, amentiform, amianthiform, ampulliform, amsterdam, anguiform, anguilliform, antebellum, antenniform, antheriform, anti-terrorism, aquiform, araneiform, arboriform, arciform, asbestiform, ascidiform, aspergilliform, auriform

bacciform, bacilliform, basaltiform, bedlam, biform, blissom, boniform, bosom, bottom, botuliform, boviform, brim, brummagem, buckram, bursiform, buxom

calceiform, calciform, calm, calyciform, calyptriform, cam, campaniform, campaniliform, cancriform, capilliform, capitatim, capriform, cauliform, cerebriform, cheliform, choleriform, cirriform, claviform, clypeiform, cochleariform, columelliform, conchiform, conform, coniform, coralliform, cram

deform, deiform, dendriform, dentiform, difform, digitiform, dim, disciform, disuniform, diversiform, dolabriform, dolioform, downstream

elementalism, elytriform, embryoniform, enorm, ensiform, epileptiform, equiform, equisetiform, erucifrom, etheriform, extractiform

falciform, federalism, filiciform, filiform, firm, flabelliform, flagelliform, four-room, freedom-versus-socialism, frim, fungiform, fungilliform, funiliform, funnelform, fusiform

galliform, gasiform, gelatiniform, gim, ginglyform, glandiform, glum, gram, graniform, granitiform, granuliform, grim, grum, guttiform

harengiform, harum-scarum, heliciform, hippocrepiform, ho-hum, holsom, homiform, humdrum, hydatiform, hydriform, hyperboliform, hypocrateriform

incertum, inconform, infirm, inform, infundibuliform, in-room, interim, intermediate-term, isopodiform


kaliform, kam

labyrinthiform, lachrymiform, lageniform, lamelliform, laniariform, larviform, lentiform, leptiform, libriform, licheniform, ligniform, lindiform, linguiform, lirelliform, lituiform, longer-term, longterm, long-term, luciform, lukewarm, lumbriciform, lump-sum, luniform

madreporiform, mammiform, mammilliform, mandibuliform, maniform, maxilliform, maximum, medium, medium-term, medusiform, membraniform, metalliform, midterm, mid-term, minim, minimum, mitriform, monadiform, moniliform, montiform, moslem, muciform, multiform, mum, mummiform, muriform, muscariform, musciform, mushroom, myrtiform

napiform, nariform, naseem, nasiform, nautiform, near-term, nonfarm, non-farm, nuciform, nucleiform

oculiform, omniform, one-term, operating-system, operculiform, optimum, ovaliform, over-arm, oviform, oxycalcium

paliform, palpiform, pampiniform, papilliform, pappiform, paraboliform, passeriform, patelliform, pectiniform, pediform, peltiform, penicilliform, penniform, perciform, petaliform, phantom, piciform, pileiform, pilgrim, piliform, pinniform, pisciform, pisiform, placentiform, planiform, plexiform, plumiliform, poculiform, poriform, post-mortem, premium, prim, proboscidiform, pro-reform, proteiform, pumiciform, punctiform, puriform, pyriform


racemiform, radiatiform, radiciform, raduliform, ramiform, random, retiform, rhodammonium, room, rostelliform, rostriform, rotiform, round-arm, rubiform, ruiniform, rum

sacciform, saliniform, sandaliform, sauseflem, sawceflem, scalariform, scalpriform, scapiform, scobiform, scopiform, scoriform, scrotiform, scutelliform, scutiform, scyphiform, securiform, seldom, semipenniform, septiform, serpentiform, setiform, sham, shorter-term, short-term, siliquiform, skim, slim, soliform, spathiform, spiciform, spiculiform, spiniform, spongiform, stalactiform, stalactitiform, stelliform, stilliform, stipitiform, stratiform, strobiliform, strombuliform, strong-arm, styliform, subpyriform, subuliform, sulciform

tag-team, tauriform, tentaculiform, terebratuliform, theiform, three-bedroom, toom, torulaform, trapeziform, trichiuriform, triform, trim, tubeform, tubiform, tubuliform, two-term

umbraculiform, unbuxom, unciform, unconform, under-arm, unfirm, unguiform, uniform, ursiform

vaporiform, variciform, variform, variorum, vasiform, vermiform, verruciform, villiform, vitriform, vulviform




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