Adjectives that end in R

Adjectives ending with the letter R are listed in this post.

afrikaner, after-dinner, air-to-air, al-bakr, all-star, amateur, anti-cancer, anti-nuclear, anti-takeover, antiwar, armchair, avuncular

backdoor, back-door, belt-and-suspender, better, billion-dollar, bitter, blacker, blander, bleaker, bleiler, blue-collar, bolder, bread-and-butter, brick-and-mortar, brighter, broader, busier

calmer, cardiovascular, cavalier, cellular, cheaper, chipper, clean-air, cleaner, clear, clearer, clever, closed-door, closer, co-anchor, colder, cold-weather, cooler, creamier, cross-border

dapper, darker, dear, deeper, dimmer, dirtier, dissimilar, door-to-door, double-decker, dour, dumber

eager, earlier, easier, eight-hour, eight-year, elder, end-of-the-year, end-of-year, ever-greater, exterior, extracurricular

fair, fairer, familiar, fancier, far, faster, fatter, feistier, fewer, fiercer, finer, firmer, first-ever, first-floor, first-quarter, first-year, five-hour, five-member, five-star, five-year, former, foster, four-cylinder, four-door, four-hour, four-member, fourth-quarter, four-year, freer, frequent-flier, fresher, friendlier, fuller, full-power, further, fuzzier

gentler, grander, granular, greater, ground-floor

half-hour, half-year, happier, harder, harsher, healthier, heavier, heftier, higher, high-water, hipper, hoped-for, hot-air, hotter, hyper

improper, indoor, inferior, informer, inky-color, inner, insider, interior, irregular

july-september, junior


labour, lackluster, larger, later, late-summer, latter, lavender, leaner, left-of-center, leftover, lesser, lighter, likelier, linear, livelier, longer, looser, louder, lower, low-power, low-sugar, luckier, lunar

mail-order, major, meager, meaner, messier, milder, miller, million-a-year, million-dollar, million-member, minor, modular, molecular, multibillion-dollar, multimillion-dollar, multiyear, multi-year, murkier, muscular

narrower, nascar, navigator, near, nearer, newer, next-door, nicer, nine-member, nine-year, nuclear, nuclear-power

off-year, older, on-air, once-popular, one-hour, one-year, other, outdoor, outer, overeager, over-the-air, over-the-counter

par, particular, passenger, peculiar, performer, platter, polar, poor, poorer, popular, postwar, post-war, pre-merger, premier, prettier, prewar, pricier, prior, private-sector, proper

quicker, quieter

rarer, ready-to-wear, rear, rectangular, reformer, regular, richer, richter, right-hander, riskier, rosier, rougher, rush-hour

sadder, safer, savvier, scarcer, second-floor, second-tier, second-year, secular, senior, seven-member, seven-year, shadier, sharper, sheer, shorter, shrewder, silver, similar, similiar, simpler, singular, sinister, sister, six-hour, six-year, slender, slimmer, slower, smaller, smarter, smoother, sober, softer, solar, somber, sorrier, sour, spectacular, speedier, splinter, star, steadier, steamier, steeper, stellar, stickier, stiffer, stingier, straighter, stricter, stronger, subpar, subtler, sunnier, super, superior, surface-to-air

taller, tamer, tastier, thicker, thinner, third-floor, third-quarter, third-tier, third-year, three-hour, three-member, three-year, tighter, tougher, trickier, trimmer, tubular, twice-a-year, two-door, two-floor, two-hour, two-tier, two-year

unclear, undercover, underwater, unfair, unfamiliar, unpopular, upper, utter

vehicular, voice-over, vulgar

warmer, warm-weather, weaker, wealthier, white-collar, whiter, wider, wiser

year-earlier, year-on-year, year-over-year, year-to-year, younger

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