Adjectives starting with W

Adjectives that begin with the letter W are listed in this post.

wacky, wagnerian, wait-and-see, walk-in, walled, warcup, war-damaged, warm, warmer, warm-weather, warped, war-torn, wary, washington, washington-based, wasteful, watchful, water-borne, water-cooled, watered-down, waterlogged, watery, wayward

weak, weaker, weakest, weak-kneed, wealthier, wealthiest, wealthy, weapons-making, weary, weather-related, weeklong, week-long, weekly, week-to-week, weighted, weighty, weird, weirdest, welcome, well, well-balanced, well-connected, well-cut, well-deserved, well-developed, well-documented, well-educated, well-entrenched, well-established, well-financed, well-founded, well-heeled, well-intended, well-known, well-lighted, well-off, well-organized, well-paying, well-placed, well-planned, well-positioned, well-publicized, well-received, well-regarded, well-rehearsed, well-respected, well-run, well-structured, well-suited, well-to-do, well-trained, well-traveled, welsh, west, western, western-style, wet

whacky, wheat, when-issued, whimsical, whistle-stop, white, white-collar, white-haired, white-minority, white-owned, whiter, whitish, whole, wholesale, wholesome, wholly-owned, whooping, whopping

wicked, wide, wide-body, wider, wide-ranging, widespread, widest, wild, wildest, wild-eyed, willful, williamson, willing, wilted, wily, wind-driven, windowless, windswept, wind-swept, windy, wine-buying, winged, winningest, wintry, wireless, wiry, wise, wiser, wisest, wishful, wistful, withering, witty

wobbly, woeful, wonderful, wondrous, wood-burning, wooden, wood-paneled, woodworking, woolly, woozy, workable, working-class, world-class, world-famous, worldly, world-weary, worldwide, world-wide, worried, worrisome, worse, worst, worst-case, worst-hit, worst-performing, worth, worthless, worthwhile, worthy, would-be

wrap-up, wretched, wrinkled, wrong, wrongful, wrought-iron, wry

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