Adjectives starting with B

Adjectives that begin with the letter B are listed in this post.

back, back-alley, backdoor, back-door, back-end, backhanded, back-of-the-envelope, back-to-back, back-to-school, backup, bacterial, bad, baffling, baggy, bahamian, baked, balanced, balanced-budget, bald, balding, balletic, ballistic, balmy, baltic, bamboo, banal, bangkok-based, bank-backed, bankrupt, barbarous, bare, bare-bones, barefoot, bargain-basement, baritone, baroque, barren, basel-based, baseless, bashful, bashing, basic, bated, battery-operated, bavarian

beached, bearded, bearish, beat, beatific, beat-up, beautiful, bedridden, beefy, beetle-browed, befitting, before-tax, beguiling, behavioral, behind-the-scenes, beholden, beige, belated, beleaguered, belgian, believable, beloved, below-average, below-market, belt-and-suspender, bemused, beneficial, benevolent, benighted, benign, bereft, berserk, bespectacled, best, best-known, best-looking, best-performing, best-selling, better, better-educated, better-known, better-paying, better-than-expected

bible, biblical, bicameral, bicentennial, biding, bifurcated, big, big-budget, big-city, big-event, biggest, biggest-selling, big-hearted, big-league, big-name, big-ticket, big-time, bilateral, bilingual, billion-dollar, billion-plus, bimonthly, binary, binding, biochemical, biocine, biodegradable, biographical, biological, biomedical, biotech, bipartisan, bite-sized, bitter, bittersweet, bizarre

black, black-and-white, blacked-out, blacker, black-market, black-on-black, black-owned, black-robed, black-tie, bland, blander, blank, blase, blatant, bleached, bleak, bleaker, bleiler, blended, blighted, blind, blindsided, blissful, blistering, blithe, bloated, blocky, blond, blonde, blood-clotting, bloodied, bloodshot, bloody, bloody-minded, blue, blue-blood, blue-blooded, blue-chip, blue-collar, blue-ribbon, blue-sky, bluish, blunt, blurry

boastful, bogus, boisterous, bold, bolder, boldest, bolivian, bona, bona-fide, bond-rating, booming, boring, born-again, borrowing, boston-based, botanical, bothersome, bottled, bottom, bottom-line, bottom-of-the-barrel, bourgeois, bovine, boxy, boyish

brackish, brain-damaged, brain-wave, branded, brand-name, brand-new, brash, brassy, brave, bravest, bravura, brawny, brazilian, breach-of-contract, bread-and-butter, breakeven, break-even, breakneck, breathtaking, breathy, brechtian, breezy, brick-and-mortar, brief, briefest, bright, brighter, brightest, brilliant, brisk, british, british-born, brittle, broad, broad-based, broader, broadest, broke, broken-down, brokered, brooding, brotherly, brown, bruising, brunette, brutal, brute, brutish

buckled, bucolic, buddhist, budgetary, built-in, bulgarian, bulky, bulletproof, bullet-proof, bullish, bumbling, bumpy, buoyant, burdensome, bureaucratic, burlesque, burly, burmese, burned-out, burnt, bushy, busier, busiest, business-as-usual, businesslike, business-like, business-related, bustling, busy, button-down, buttoned-down, buy, buyback

bygone, byzantine

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