Adjectives that end in F

Adjectives ending with the letter F are listed in this post.


ballproof, bombproof, brief, buff, bulletproof, bullet-proof

caitiff, cast-off, chief, chuff, co-chief, cooling-off

deaf, derf, do-it-yourself

far-off, fireproof, first-half

giltif, gold-leaf, gruff

half, half-staff, hands-off, hastif, high-proof



laid-off, leef, left-off, lief, loose-leaf

off, on-and-off, one-half, overproof

plaintiff, plot-proof, proof, proof-proof, puff

recession-proof, restiff

sauf, second-half, self, semivif, shellproof, shot-proof, sightproof, stand-off, starproof, stiff, stone-deaf, sunproof

tentif, testif, therf, three-and-a-half, thunderproof, tref, two-and-a-half

underproof, unheard-of

wash-off, waterproof, weatherproof, well-off, wowf

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