Adjectives starting with E

Adjectives that begin with the letter E are listed in this post.

eager, eagle-eyed, earlier, earliest, early, early-morning, earnest, earthbound, earthly, earth-shattering, earthy, easier, easiest, east, eastern, easy, easygoing, easy-going


eccentric, eclectic, ecological, econometric, economic, economical, ecstatic, ecumenical

edgy, edible, edifying, editorial, educational


effective, efficient, effluent, effortless, effusive

egalitarian, egregious, egyptian

eighth, eight-hour, eighties, eight-month, eight-year

elaborate, elastic, elated, elder, elderly, eldest, elective, electoral, electric, electrical, electronic, elegant, elementary, elevated, eleventh, eligible, eliminationist, elite, elitist, elizabethan, elliptical, eloquent, elusive

embargoed, embarrassed, embarrassing, embattled, embittered, emblematic, eminent, emotional, empathetic, emphatic, empirical, employer-provided, employer-sponsored, empty, empty-handed

enamored, enchanting, encyclopedic, endearing, endearingly, endemic, endless, end-of-the-year, end-of-year, energetic, energy-efficient, english, english-language, english-speaking, engrossing, enhanced, enigmatic, enjoyable, enlightened, enormous, enough, enraged, enrichment, entangled, enterprising, entertaining, enthralled, enthusiastic, entire, entrepreneurial, entry-level, enumerated, enviable, environmental

equal, equestrian, equitable, equivalent

erotic, errant, erratic, erroneous, error-prone, ersatz, erstwhile, erudite

esoteric, essential, estimable, estonian, estranged

eternal, ethereal, ethical, ethiopian, ethnic

euphonious, euphoric, european

evangelical, evasive, even, evenhanded, eventful, eventual, ever-changing, ever-expanding, ever-greater, ever-growing, ever-increasing, everlasting, ever-present, ever-quotable, ever-worsening, everyday, evident, evil, evil-minded, evocative, evolutionary

exact, exactingly, excellent, exceptional, excess, excessive, excited, exciting, exclusionary, exclusive, excretory, executive, executive-level, exemplary, exempt, exhausted, exhausting, exhaustive, exhilarating, ex-housing, existing, exorbitant, exotic, expansionist, expansive, expatriate, expectant, expectantly, expendable, expensive, experimental, expert, explanatory, explicit, exploitative, exploratory, explosive, export-driven, export-oriented, express, expressive, exquisite, extended-range, extensive, exterior, external, extinct, extra, extracurricular, extramarital, extraneous, extraordinary, extraterrestrial, extravagant, extreme, extremist, exuberant

eye-catching, eye-popping


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