Adjectives that end in K

Adjectives ending with the letter K are listed in this post.

abovedeck, airsick, all-black, all-stock, amuck, anti-lock, ark, around-the-clock, asoak, awe-struck, awk

back, back-to-back, berserk, black, blank, bleak, brainsick, breakneck, brisk, brusk, buyback

cash-and-stock, check, chirk, chockablock, chock-a-block, clawback, coal-black, cobwork, crack, crookback

damask, dank, dansk, dark, derk, dink, dirk, dogsick, double-quick, drunk, dusk

fancy-sick, fast-track, five-block, five-week, forblack, forswonk, four-week, frank, frisk

greek, guilt-sick

hack, heartsick, heartstruck, high-risk, homesick, horror-struck, horseback

ilk, iron-sick



laid-back, lame-duck, landmark, lank, leak, lightning-quick, lightstruck, light-truck, love-sick, lusk

meek, midweek, mirk, mock, moonstruck, moresk, muck, murk

ok, one-click, one-week, overrank, overweak

patchwork, perk, pinchbeck, pink, pitch-black, pitch-dark, point-blank, prank

quack, quick

rank, reciprok, ropewalk, rose-pink, round-the-clock

saddleback, seasick, seck, seek, shock, sick, sinew-shrunk, six-week, slack, sleek, slick, slik, slink, smirk, smock, sprack, stack, stage-struck, stank, stark, stock, stop-work, subfusk, sun-struck, swank

thick, three-week, tongue-in-cheek, turn-sick, two-week


wallack, warlock, wayk, weak, week-to-week, wonderstruck

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