Adjectives that end in P

Adjectives ending with the letter P are listed in this post.


backup, beat-up, blue-chip

canonship, cheap, claptrap, clean-up, cock-a-hoop, consignment-shop, cramp, crimp, crisp

damp, deep, desktop

fap, flip, followup, follow-up




jimp, jump


last-gasp, limp, lop

madcap, midship, mom-and-pop

neap, neck-deep, nonstop, non-stop


paid-up, pent-up, plump, put-up

rep, round-trip, rump

scrimp, sharp, skimp, skin-deep, small-cap, snip-snap, souped-up, speeded-up, standup, stand-up, start-up, steep, steep-up, step-by-step, stepped-up, step-up, stock-ownership, stuck-up

tiptop, top, trap


whistle-stop, wrap-up

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